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Roman Chair

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Roman Chair
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The Impulse IT7030 Roman Chair a great addition to any gym and can be used to perform a wide range of exercises

targeting the lower back muscles, oblique’s, abdominals and glutes.

The heavy gauge steel construction will ensure you are safe and secure while working out.

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    Unleash Core Strength: The Ultimate Roman Chair Guide

    Elevate Your Workout Regimen

    Step into the world of core reinforcement with the Impulse IT7030 Roman Chair, a paramount addition to any fitness hub. This isn't just a piece of equipment; it's your partner in sculpting a solid lower back, resilient obliques, ironclad abdominals, and powerful glutes. Embrace the journey towards a stronger, more defined physique.

    A Foundation of Strength

    Key Product Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 985726625mm
    • Weight: 35kg
    • Tubing: Commercial grade 50×100mm*2.5mm race-track tube
    • Upholstery: High-density poly-foam for supreme comfort and longevity
    • Adjustment: User-friendly pre-stretch adjustment within arm's reach
    • Handlebar: The Ergonomic TPR handlebar ensures a secure grip
    • Footplate: Non-slip rubber foot plate for safety and stability

    Durability Meets Design

    Constructed with heavy gauge steel, the IT7030 promises not only a safe and secure workout experience but also a lasting one. This machine is crafted to endure the toughest routines while offering the support you need for the most intensive training sessions.

    Intelligent Engineering for Peak Performance

    Customizable Comfort

    With its high-density poly-foam padding, the Roman Chair delivers comfort without compromising on durability. The adjustable, pre-stretch settings mean that users of all sizes can position the upholstery to their comfort, ensuring that focus is maintained on the muscles, not the mechanics.

    Stability in Motion

    The anti-slide rubber foot plate grounds your experience, anchoring your body as you pivot into perfection. Combined with the secure TPR handlebar, every movement on the IT7030 is precise and controlled, propelling you toward your fitness goals with confidence.

    Empowering Your Exercise Journey

    Versatile Vitality

    Targeted training takes a front seat with the IT7030. It's not just about the lower back or the abdominals; it's a comprehensive core challenge that activates the very muscles you rely on daily. This machine isn't just about strength; it's about enhancing your vitality for life's every action.

    Streamlined for Spaces

    With dimensions set to complement any gym space, the IT7030 Roman Chair is as accommodating to floor plans as it is to fitness plans. Its compact design allows for an efficient use of space, granting more room for movement and more possibilities for placement.

    Aesthetic and Athlete Approved

    For the Modern Gym

    Outfitted in a sleek, metallic finish, the IT7030 transcends functionality; it's a statement piece that speaks to quality and modern aesthetics. It's not just equipment; it's a centerpiece that demands engagement.

    A Spectrum of Strength

    From rehabilitation to bodybuilding, the IT7030 serves a spectrum of purposes. Whether you're recovering from an injury or pushing toward new limits, this Roman Chair stands as a testament to the power of progressive exercise.

    Product Features
    TubingCommercial grade 50×100mm*2.5mm race-track tube
    UpholsteryHigh-density poly-foam offers comfort and endurability.
    AdjustmentPre-stretch adjustment allows users to adjust upholstery easily within reach
    HandlebarTPR handlebar offers comfort and safe exercise
    Foot plateAnti-slide rubber foot plate

     Transform Your Training Today

    Invest in Integrity

    Choosing the Impulse IT7030 Roman Chair is an investment in the integrity of your training equipment and the quality of your workouts. Don't just chase your fitness goals—surpass them with a machine that redefines what it means to build core strength.

    Your Success, Supported

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    Are you ready to redefine your regimen? The IT7030 Roman Chair awaits. Elevate, engage, empower—today!

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