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FREE Shipping above 10 OMR

Manage Your Weight and improve health

Scitec Collagen Xpress
OMR 19.32
Save: 15%
OMR 16.42
16.422 OMR

Collagen has significantly increased in popularity not only among athletes but others as well. Apart from our joints and muscles, skin tissue also contains large quantities of this protein, collagen i...

Biotech Collagen
OMR 17.17
Save: 15%
OMR 14.60
14.595 OMR

BioTechUSA Collagen practically provides hyaluronic acid and collagen at the same time. It contains added Vitamin C that contributes to the body’s own collagen production, which ultimately helps to ...

Biotech Hot Chocolate Protein Drink
OMR 7.88
Save: 15%
OMR 6.69
6.694 OMR

Have you gone to the gym despite the cold, windy weather? After your workout you deserve a delicious hot chocolate instead of a protein shake, such as BioTechUSA Hot Chocolate which is enriched with...

Scitec Choco Pro
OMR 1.31
Save: 24%
OMR 1.00
1.0 OMR

If you want a snack rich in fiber between meals, don’t look further! Due to its composition, Choco Pro is not only a practical solution for such cases, but last but not least, it is also delicious. ...

Biotech Protein Power
OMR 45.09
Save: 15%
OMR 38.33
38.325 OMR

Maximise your efforts and make the most of your workout. Protein Power contains three types of proteins: soy protein isolate, whey concentrate and calcium caseinate. Besides still being gluten-free,...

Biotech Pump Caffeine free
OMR 1.26
Save: 15%
OMR 1.07
1.071 OMR

BioTechUSA Pump Caffeine Free drink powder contains niacin and vitamin B6, thus contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. The product contains t...

Biotech Xylitol Sweetener
OMR 7.29
Save: 15%
OMR 6.20
6.195 OMR

Xylitol is a natural sweetener, a sugar alcohol that is typically sourced from birch trees. It sweetens just like sugar, but with a lower glycemic index (GI) and fewer calories, which is why it’s us...

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