FREE Shipping above 10 OMR
FREE Shipping above 10 OMR
4.57 | 7
Live Pro Roll-Out Agility Ladder
OMR 21.95
Save: 15%
OMR 18.65
18.653 OMR

Characteristics: Material: granulat rubber Dimension: Length: 452.0 cm Width: 41.0 cm Colour: black

LP8145 Live Pro Weighted Bar
OMR 8.29
Save: 15%
OMR 7.05
7.051 OMR

Stainless steel core wrapped with comfortable and high-quality foam made of gravity bar, can carry out a series of strength training and flexibility exercise. The sturdy steel core has high toughnes...

4.67 | 3
000538 ABS Badminton Post
OMR 42.84
Save: 15%
OMR 36.41
36.414 OMR

The specifications for the Trinity brand TBP-05 Portable Badminton Pole are as follows: – Knock down mounting system. The end of the pole has a height of 155cm from the floor. – Using the gear roll r...

LS3750 Yoga Ring
OMR 11.03
Save: 15%
OMR 9.37
9.371 OMR

Yoga wheel can strench, massage and adjust your spine. You are able to bend your back thoroughly, exercise your core muscle and relax yourself when lying on it. Our yoga wheel has fine size and weight...

5.0 | 2
OMR 5.25
Save: 15%
OMR 4.46
4.463 OMR

The Ball Molten Basketball B7R Official Size 7 Power official size and weight ball made of high-quality rubber. Created for hobby play indoors and outdoors. Perfect ball for perfect Practice and rec...

5.0 | 1
1123 Training Pole 160cm
OMR 1.57
Save: 15%
OMR 1.34
1.339 OMR

Training poles are mainly used in soccer training. Whether for marking individual areas or in combination with multifunction cones or marking discs, they can be used in a variety of ways. The trai...

5.0 | 1
1136 Colors Neck Lanyard Set
OMR 1.05
Save: 15%
OMR 0.89
0.893 OMR

Set of lanyards for the whistle - the lanyard around the neck ensures that you don't have to worry about looking for the whistle for a long time or losing it.  You always have a whistle "at hand". Th...

5.0 | 1
Live Pro Mats Hangers LP8815
OMR 11.34
Save: 15%
OMR 9.64
9.639 OMR

Made of high- quality steel with seamless welding technology The black frosting is sprayed on the shelf layer to increase corrosion resistance, which is not easy to rust. Clever wall-mounted design. ...

Live Up Agility Cones (LS3876)
OMR 0.42
Save: 15%
OMR 0.36
0.357 OMR

Suitable for training all sports that require speed and explosion. the accessory is used to demarcate fields, courts or mats. it has strong colors that make it easy to see and its flexibility makes ...

4.67 | 3
282 PE Marking Cones
OMR 0.42
Save: 15%
OMR 0.36
0.357 OMR

Made with high-quality to withstand the elements and long time playing. Four holes on the corner for attachment. Stackable for easy storage when not used. Ideal for sports training, outdoor games or ...

4.75 | 4
Live Pro Parallettes Piar
OMR 24.68
Save: 15%
OMR 20.97
20.974 OMR

LIVEPRO push-up rack is different from those small push-up rack on the market in terms of size increased a lot with the height of 36.5cm and 63cm long, increasing the exercise space, so that training ...

4.71 | 7
Live Pro Parallettes
OMR 31.39
Save: 15%
OMR 26.69
26.686 OMR

Livepro double bar is made of sturdy steel pipe with a thickness of 1.5mm and a maximum load capacity of 150kg, which is very strong and durable. A pair of practical rubber support feet, not only ha...

4.6 | 5
Live Pro Resistance Band (LP8401)
OMR 6.51
Save: 15%
OMR 5.53
5.534 OMR

Livepro latex cloth sleeve resistance rope is suitable for fixed use at home, office and gym for full body exercise, which is a very effective training tool to enhance core strength, cardiovascular en...

5.0 | 1
Live Up Agility Ladder(LS3671)
OMR 5.99
Save: 15%
OMR 5.09
5.087 OMR

Coordination ladder 4m & 8m LiveUp AGILITY LADDER (LS3671) is designed specifically to improve athlete’s speed and movement coordination. This projectile is one of the most affordable and effective...

4.5 | 2
Agility Ladders 8 Meters - 1126
OMR 9.97
Save: 15%
OMR 8.48
8.479000000000001 OMR

Length: 8 Meter· 1 x Agility Ladder· Material: Plastic and Nylon· 100% new and high quality. 18-rung heavy and durable design that can be used for years of time.· Suitable for all age groups. Portab...

Live Pro Wall Ball Rack
OMR 61.43
Save: 15%
OMR 52.21
52.211 OMR

The double-sided medicine ball rack provides a vertical storage solution for up to 10 medicine balls, reducing wasted gym space. Brand: Livepro Color: Black Material: steel Weight: 11.5kg Pipe size...

JC-60C - "6 inches
OMR 2.31
Save: 15%
OMR 1.96
1.964 OMR

Create training courses or mark out playing fields with these lightweight training cones. Designed to spring back into shape after being folded or crushed, these cones reduce the risk of injury. C...