FREE Shipping above 10 OMR
FREE Shipping above 10 OMR
4.67 | 3
Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer
OMR 120.23
Save: 15%
OMR 102.19
102.191 OMR

The Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer features a magnetic flywheel weighing 5 kg. What's special about magnetic resistance? It allows for smooth and quiet workouts. This means you can exercise at an...

4.4 | 10
Multi Workout Bench
OMR 41.90
Save: 15%
OMR 35.61
35.611000000000004 OMR

PERFECT FOR A FULL-BODY WORKOUT - This multi workout bench can provide you a variety of exercise, perfect for biceps curls, bench press, shoulder press, ab muscle training, leg exercise and more. It's...

4.33 | 3
Anyfit Stair Climber
OMR 2835.00
Save: 15%
OMR 2409.75
2409.75 OMR

Taking the traditional workout to new heights, the Anyfit Stair Climber combines design, comfort, and functionality in a compact, easy-to-use machine. It's not just a workout device, but a complete ...

4.6 | 5
Live Pro Sets Barbell Wall Rack
OMR 139.34
Save: 15%
OMR 118.44
118.435 OMR

With high-quality Q235 pipe Adopt seamless welding technology Black frosting sprayed Suitable for barbell sets Anti-scratch leather ring of weight plates Material: Q235 Size: 100L×40.1W×180.9H(cm) W...

5.0 | 2
Live Pro EZ Curl Olympic Bar 1.20M
OMR 27.82
Save: 15%
OMR 23.65
23.651 OMR

Features: 1. Material: High carbon steel 2. Medium knurling with good grip. 3. Weight distribution on 2 ball bearings and 2 bushings. 4. Tensile strength measured at 110.000 PSI. 5. Can support up to...

4.5 | 2
Live Pro Training Olympics Bar 1.20M
OMR 27.09
Save: 15%
OMR 23.03
23.027 OMR

Material: High carbon steel Medium knurling with good grip. Weight distributed over 4 bushings. Tensile strength measured at 110.000 PSI. Can support up to 200.0 kg.

4.5 | 6
BS641 Front Drive Elliptical Trainer
OMR 173.88
Save: 15%
OMR 147.80
147.798 OMR

The BS641 Front Drive Elliptical Trainer was designed with the modern fitness enthusiast in mind. Living spaces are evolving, and so should your fitness equipment. The foldable design of our ellipti...

4.5 | 6
Air Motion Bike
OMR 103.95
Save: 15%
OMR 88.36
88.358 OMR

Unlike standard exercise bikes that operate on a single drive mechanism, the Air Motion Bike boasts a Hybrid Dual Drive system that incorporates both a Belt and Chain Drive. This unique combination ...

4.43 | 7
Magnetic Upright Bike
OMR 70.14
Save: 15%
OMR 59.62
59.619 OMR

The Magnetic Upright Bike is a stationary exercise machine that mimics the motion of outdoor biking while giving you the convenience of working out indoors, irrespective of weather conditions or time ...

4.36 | 11
Rowing Machine
OMR 168.74
Save: 14%
OMR 145.95
145.951 OMR

Welcome to a revolution in home fitness. Meet the Air Rowing Machine, your new partner in your journey towards health and wellbeing. This machine isn't just a piece of gym equipment; it's a portal to ...