FREE Shipping above 10 OMR
FREE Shipping above 10 OMR

Maximize Results with Functional Training In Oman.

4.8 | 5
Live Pro Resist Tube Handles
OMR 2.94
Save: 15%
OMR 2.50
2.499 OMR

Characteristics: » High-Quality resistance handle with nylon strap. » Handle with foam. » The material is durable, non-slip, sweat-absorbing and easy to clean.

5.0 | 2
Live Pro EZ Curl Olympic Bar 1.20M
OMR 27.82
Save: 15%
OMR 23.65
23.651 OMR

Features: 1. Material: High carbon steel 2. Medium knurling with good grip. 3. Weight distribution on 2 ball bearings and 2 bushings. 4. Tensile strength measured at 110.000 PSI. 5. Can support up to...

4.5 | 2
Live Pro Training Olympics Bar 1.20M
OMR 27.09
Save: 15%
OMR 23.03
23.027 OMR

Material: High carbon steel Medium knurling with good grip. Weight distributed over 4 bushings. Tensile strength measured at 110.000 PSI. Can support up to 200.0 kg.

4.5 | 8
Live Pro Ceratoke Bar (220CM)
OMR 112.67
Save: 15%
OMR 95.77
95.765 OMR

Livepro’s Men’s Colored Porcelain training rods are colorful, stylish in design, and have enormous tensile strength. Eight rolling pins embedded in the barbell enhance rotational force while reducing ...

4.3 | 10
Chin Up Bar With Arm Strap
OMR 10.39
Save: 15%
OMR 8.84
8.836 OMR

The Live Up LS3152A Chin-up Bar with Arm Strap is an excellent upper body exercise tool. It facilitates many different ways of working arms, chest, abdomen and shoulders. With the added pair of arm ...

4.33 | 9
Pull Rope Resistance Machine
OMR 54.08
Save: 67%
OMR 17.75
17.745 OMR

Pull Rope Resistance Machine Bands Rally Fitness Equipment Home Gym Equipment Three Kinds Resistance Weight Portable Exercise Band Movement Full Body. Quick workout: Easy to use and easy to use in ju...

5.0 | 4
LP8173 Live Pro Battle Rope
OMR 33.60
Save: 15%
OMR 28.56
28.560000000000002 OMR

It uses three large strands of high-strength polyester silk synthesis,and each large strand consists of many threads,which is strong and solid, not easy to loosen.  Surface is smooth without dirt and...

4.67 | 3
Live Pro Battle Rope
OMR 33.91
Save: 15%
OMR 28.83
28.828 OMR

The Battle Rope is beneficial for speed, force and explosive power. The rope consists of 10 strands of synthetic fibres, which have the properties of beeing wear-resistant, moisture-resistant and ...

4.57 | 7
LP8110 Medicine Ball
OMR 18.80
Save: 15%
OMR 15.98
15.976 OMR

Medicine ball is a great way to diversify your upper body workout. Ideal for circuit and functional workouts! Color: Blue Throwing Ball Diameter 22cm Non-slip surface finish

4.5 | 6
Live Pro Balance Board
OMR 16.27
Save: 15%
OMR 13.83
13.834 OMR

 The LIVEPRO Balance Board trains the coordination and balance skills of the trainees.  The whole body is used. The board is made of wood and has a non-slip surface for a safe stand during the exerci...

5.0 | 1
Live Pro Dip Belt LP8094
OMR 7.35
Save: 15%
OMR 6.25
6.248 OMR

This sports belt is a combination of PU material on the front and polyester lining, which is thick and tight, making it one of the more comfortable sports belts on the market. The belt is 18.5cm wid...

4.22 | 9
Wall Mount Power Tower
OMR 30.45
Save: 15%
OMR 25.88
25.883 OMR

Easily substitutes a lot different expensive exercise machines: the power tower pull up station, pull up bar free standing, dip stands and multi grip pull up bar.  All you need for core workout in o...

4.46 | 13
999 Chest Expander Set
OMR 10.39
Save: 15%
OMR 8.84
8.836 OMR

The fitness level of our resistance bands are individually labeled. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, you can use single one or multiple bands to vary the intensity of your work...

4.75 | 4
Live Pro Sand Bag
OMR 19.43
Save: 15%
OMR 16.51
16.511 OMR

The energy pack can exercise your whole body strength and enhance your explosive power, hard pull, shoulder press, high lift and deep squat etc. Livepro fillable energy pack trains the whole body in...

5.0 | 2
LP8140 Power Barbells Viper
OMR 28.04
Save: 15%
OMR 23.83
23.830000000000002 OMR

Features: Size: 1. 73.2×9.7cm(2kg) 2. 107×13.6cm(4kg) 3. 107×14.2cm(6/8kg) 4. 107×15.5cm(10kg) 5. 107×15.9cm(12kg)

Live Pro Prowler Sled
OMR 131.25
Save: 15%
OMR 111.56
111.563 OMR

Resistance sled is a sled-like training tool that can be stacked with heavy weights (usually barbell weight plates), in order to increase physical fitness and speed during exercise, and can mobilize a...

4.44 | 9
Abdominal Wheel
OMR 14.70
Save: 15%
OMR 12.50
12.495000000000001 OMR

Exercise step: Hold one hand on each handle. Pull in your stomach muscles and arch your back. Inhale before beginning and slowly roll out the machine, meanwhile allowing your torso to open up Don't j...

4.67 | 3
Abdominal Wheel
OMR 11.03
Save: 15%
OMR 9.37
9.371 OMR

Our fitness roller is a compact and stable fitness equipment, the handle is made of comfortable foam, so you can train the abdomen, legs, shoulders, back, arms according to your plan. Easy to assem...

000782 Casting Iron Kettle Bell
OMR 6.83
Save: 15%
OMR 5.80
5.801 OMR

Chase one of the most intense workouts for cardio and strength training with the Cast Iron Kettlebell Set Stay in shape with kettlebells, a comprehensive full body workout that gets your whole body mo...

4.5 | 6
Live Pro 3-in-1 Wood Plyobox
OMR 54.60
Save: 15%
OMR 46.41
46.410000000000004 OMR

This is perfect for box jumps, box push-ups, squats, and other creative moves. Can burn more calories. The jumping boxes are all made of wood and have a hard texture. 3 heights, you can increase o...