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HIIT or LISS : which cardio exercise is better for losing weight?

It goes without saying how good it is to play sports . People do physical exercise for endless reasons. For starters, it helps us to be in better shape, we are physically better and it makes us enjoy better health . But not only that, but also, emotionally it makes us be in a better mood and intellectually helps us to concentrate. But if there is a popular reason to jump into exercise, it is undoubtedly to lose weight . Have you already tried HIIT or LISS to try to lose weight ? We tell you if you should choose HIIT or LISS and some keys for you to find the best way to lose weight.

Is cardio effective for weight loss?

If you ask any sports they recommend to lose weight , without a doubt, most people will tell you to opt for some cardiovascular exercise. Well, this statement is more than correct, however, we must know that there are two types of cardio exercises , the HIIT and the LISS and we will have to choose the best one in order to lose that fat in the best possible way.

For example, when running , which is one of the most fashionable exercises to lose weight, we have to distinguish between these two types of training. HIIT is high-intensity interval training, and LISS is low-intensity exercise . The ideal to lose weight fast with cardio is to find a balance between the two. But before we get into the matter, we had better define more and better their differences.

Differences between HIIT and LISS

It is clear that choosing between one training or another will have more to do with our goals. When speaking of HIIT as a high intensity exercise, we can understand that fat loss will be greater when doing a harder sport. However, to practice it it is recommended that we already have a good physical shape , which does not usually happen with overweight people.

HIIT allows you to burn a large number of calories , since even when we have finished exercising we continue burning fat . In addition, it also preserves muscle mass, making it doubly attractive for those who want to take care of their image. However, if you have just started doing sports, you better start with the LISS, so that you prepare the ground to get fit.

On the other hand, when we practice a LISS workout , we maintain the same power all the time, a low intensity that allows us to spend more time doing sports. Its maximum advantage is a subs or for all audiences , and, given its low intensity, can we make it more often than the HIIT.

In addition, although it is true that with HIIT we burn more calories , it is also true that when we practice the LISS, a higher percentage of these calories that we burn come from the oxidation of fats. Some of the most common LISS exercises are done by walking, for example, or even on the elliptical machine in the gym. These are recommended exercises, both for regular athletes and for those who are not in good physical shape and are starting to get in shape .

So which is better for weight loss?

If we want to lose weight, the ideal is that we carry out a training in which we combine both types of exercise . It is clear that if we have a few kilos left and we are not used to doing sports, we must first start to get in shape with the LISS to gradually increase the intensity . It is also advisable to follow the advice of a qualified personal trainer or instructor to help us design a training plan appropriate to our needs and physical conditions.

Varying is the key to achieving your goal if it is to lose weight, but you should not forget that combining it with a good diet is essential to lose those extra kilos.

HIIT or LISS : which cardio exercise is better for losing weight?
abc, Administrator August 7, 2023
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