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Live Up Yoga Mat

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Brand: Live Up

Model: LS2251

Live Up Yoga Mat
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This is a luxurious yoga mat, made of PU and rubber materials, with high skid resistance and comfort, which can prevent sliding in yoga training. Its super grip brings safer support. Three colors are available, which is an ideal choice for yoga training.

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    The Live Up Yoga Mat by BLOOM: Unveiling the Ultimate Yoga Experience

    In the pursuit of a yoga practice that truly transcends the ordinary, the choice of mat can be as pivotal as the mastery of breath and posture. The Live Up Yoga Mat from BLOOM emerges not just as a surface to practice on but as a core companion in your journey toward achieving a harmonious blend of strength, flexibility, and inner peace. 

    Designed for the discerning yogi, this mat embodies the essence of luxury, performance, and sustainability.

    Specifications at a Glance:

    • Brand: BLOOM
    • Available Colors: White, Pink, Blue
    • Material Composition: High-grade PU and Rubber
    • Dimensions: 183cm in length, 61cm in width, and 0.5cm in thickness
    • Weight: 2.8kg

    Unique Features:

    • Superior non-slip surface
    • High resilience and durability
    • Extended size for comprehensive practice space
    • Elegant logo engraving
    • One-year comprehensive warranty

    Crafted for Excellence: The Material Advantage

    At the heart of the Live Up Yoga Mat’s allure is its carefully selected material composition. The fusion of PU and rubber offers an unparalleled experience of comfort and stability. This choice reflects BLOOM’s commitment to providing a product that not only exceeds in performance but does so with an acute awareness of environmental impact. The mat’s construction ensures a wear-resistant and elastic foundation that gracefully withstands the rigors of daily practice.

    Unmatched Stability for Unbridled Practice

    Yoga is an interplay between movement and stillness, where each posture demands unwavering focus and balance. The Live Up Yoga Mat’s anti-skid feature is a testament to BLOOM’s understanding of yoga’s core requirements. Whether the surface beneath you is dry or wet, this mat promises impeccable grip, ensuring that your practice is safe, stable, and uninterrupted by the distraction of slips or shifts.

    Expansive Space for Limitless Exploration

    In yoga, every transition and posture is a step towards exploring the body’s potential. The Live Up Yoga Mat’s generous dimensions affords you the freedom to stretch, bend, and flow with an assurance of space. Its extended length and width are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a diverse range of exercises, making it a versatile choice for any style of yoga or fitness regimen.

    Aesthetics Meets Functionality

    Beyond its functional superiority, the Live Up Yoga Mat stands out for its aesthetic appeal. Available in three serene colors – white, pink, and blue – it allows you to choose a mat that resonates with your style and energy. The subtle elegance of the BLOOM logo engraved on the mat adds a touch of exclusivity, making your yoga experience uniquely yours.

    Beyond the Mat: A Lifestyle Choice

    Choosing the Live Up Yoga Mat is more than a practical decision; it’s a reflection of a lifestyle that values quality, sustainability, and mindfulness. It’s suited for the yogi who seeks harmony not just in their practice but in their interaction with the world. This mat is a companion in your wellness journey, supporting your physical practice while aligning with your values of environmental consciousness and ethical living.

    Olympiasouq Fitness Accessories: Your Wellness Destination

    In your quest for wellness, the Live Up Yoga Mat is a beacon of excellence and innovation. To complement your choice, explore Olympiasouq Fitness Accessories, where a curated selection of fitness gear awaits to enhance your practice. From cutting-edge equipment to wellness accessories, find everything you need to support your journey toward health, vitality, and peace.

    Technical Parameters


    Product Features

    1.Not easy to deform

    Made of high-quality rubber and PU materials, it is wear-resistant and elastic. It can recover quickly after pressing and is not easy to deform.

    2.Anti skid and stable

    Whether it is dry or wet, the surface of the mat is non slip, which can keep you stable and lasting during exercise.

    3.More practice space

    This 183×61×0.5cm cushion is longer than other cushions, providing you with more practice space.

    4.Logo and warranty

    The trademark is engraved on the cushion, which will not be worn, and the 1-year comprehensive commercial warranty will not be damaged.

    5.Various scenes

    Perfect for core training and stretching, yoga training, etc.

    Embark on a Journey of Discovery

    The Live Up Yoga Mat by BLOOM is more than just a product; it’s a gateway to a deeper, more fulfilling yoga practice. Its combination of luxury, performance, and sustainability makes it an unparalleled choice for yogis who demand the best. As you unfold this mat, you’re not just preparing for another session; you’re stepping into a realm of potential, poised to explore the depths of your practice and the breadth of your spirit.

    With the promise of free shipping on orders above OMR 10 and round-the-clock support via WhatsApp at 92854696, your journey towards a transformative yoga experience is just a click away. Embrace the Live Up Yoga Mat, and let it elevate your practice beyond the ordinary, into the realms of extraordinary wellness and mindfulness.


    Color White or Blue or Pink

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