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888-21 Single Grip Rope

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888-21 Single Grip Rope
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Our rope pull down attachment is made of extremely durable and heavy duty twisted flexible nylon with a comfortable polyurethane (PU) handle

The single tricep pull down rope has a heavy-duty attaching ring for simple attachment to carabiners on universal gym systems and cable machines.

Our triceps rope pull down is suitable for home use or at the gym, especially when there are limited accessories.

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    Elevate Your Fitness Game with the Startostar Tricep Rope Single Grip 888-21

    Are you looking for a way to make your tricep and bicep workouts more effective? Do you wish to increase the muscle mass and definition in your arms? Say hello to the Startostar Tricep Rope Single Grip 888-21. The perfect companion for your gym and home workouts, this rope pull-down attachment offers unparalleled durability and maximum efficiency for your fitness routines.

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    Why Choose Startostar Tricep Rope 888-21?

    Ergonomically Engineered Design

    Our single tricep pull-down rope comes with a polyurethane (PU) handle that provides a comfortable yet firm grip, ensuring that you can exercise for longer periods without fatigue.

    Beyond Expectations: Quality and Durability

    Made with heavy-duty twisted flexible nylon, this rope pull-down attachment is designed to withstand the test of time. This means you can keep pulling, pushing, and lifting without worrying about wear and tear.

    Versatility Unleashed

    Not only is this tricep rope ideal for enhancing your bicep and tricep exercises, but it can also be used for an array of workouts aimed at strengthening your back, shoulders, and even your abs!

    Key Specifications and Product Details

    • Length: Approx. 35 cm (13.78") including the handle
    • Diameter: 2.8 cm (1.1")
    • Weight: 316 g (11.15 oz)
    • Material: Heavy-duty twisted flexible nylon
    • Handle Material: Comfortable PU
    • Carabiner Thickness: 8 mm (0.3")
    • Carabiner Size: 3.8 cm x 8 cm (1.5" x 3.1")
    • Suitable For: Home and gym use on universal gym systems and cable machines

    In-Depth Look at the Features

    Non-Slip Grip Ensures Consistency

    The PU handle at the end of the rope is made of non-slip material, which ensures that your grip stays firm, allowing you to get the most out of your workouts.

    Enhances Your Grip Strength

    The comfortable yet firm grip material not only makes your workouts more effective but also helps in enhancing your grip strength.

    Easy Attachment

    The single tricep pull-down rope comes with an 8mm thick carabiner that ensures easy and quick attachment to universal gym systems and cable machines.

    Multi-Functional Workouts

    This tricep rope allows you to diversify your workout routines. You can perform a variety of exercises that engage different muscle groups, giving you a full-body workout experience.

    Safety First

    With a heavy-duty attaching ring, the Startostar Tricep Rope ensures that your workout is not just effective but also safe.

    What You Will Achieve with Startostar Tricep Rope

    1. Enhanced Muscle Tone and Strength
    2. Improved Grip Strength
    3. Greater Endurance and Stamina
    4. Multiple Workout Options

    How to Use the Startostar Tricep Rope

    Simple and Easy-to-Follow Steps

    • Secure the Attachment: Use the heavy-duty carabiner to attach the rope to your cable machine.
    • Grip the Handle: Hold the PU handle firmly.
    • Perform Your Exercise: Begin your tricep pull-downs, bicep curls, or whichever exercise you wish to perform.

    Final Thoughts

    The Startostar Tricep Rope Single Grip 888-21 is more than just a workout accessory; it’s your partner in achieving sculpted arms and a more toned physique. With its state-of-the-art design and unparalleled durability, it’s the ideal choice for anyone looking to elevate their fitness routine.

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