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Magnetic Recumbent Bike

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Magnetic Recumbent Bike
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Magnetic Recumbent Bike are a type of stationary bike that allow the rider to recline back into a comfortable position.

This type of bike is often recommended for people who have back problems, as it puts less strain on the spine than traditional upright bikes.

Magnetic Recumbent Bike also tend to be more comfortable and provide a more gentle workout, making them a popular choice for people who are new to cycling or who are not in good physical condition.

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    Magnetic Recumbent Bike

    OMR 132.82
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    Experience Comfort and Performance with the Magnetic Recumbent Bike


    Fitness isn't a one-size-fits-all journey. Sometimes you need equipment that meets you where you are. Introducing the Magnetic Recumbent Bike, a machine designed with your ultimate comfort and effectiveness in mind. The Magnetic Recumbent Bike offers an ideal workout experience without straining your back, perfect for people of all fitness levels.

    Why Choose the Magnetic Recumbent Bike?

    Gentle on Your Back, Heavy on Results

    Traditional upright bikes can be hard on your back. Our Magnetic Recumbent Bike provides a reclined position, allowing for a spine-friendly workout. No more choosing between comfort and fitness!

    Every Ride is Customized Just for You

    Choose from 8 levels of magnetic resistance and watch your fitness journey unfold. With this range, you can start at a leisurely pace and gradually move on to more challenging terrains.

    Your Personal Dashboard

    Stay updated on your performance with the LCD monitor displaying metrics such as speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse. Your workout data, at a glance.

    Key Specifications:

    • Type: Recumbent Bike

    • Magnetic Flywheel: 3 K.G

    • Resistance Levels: 8

    • Monitor: Speed, Distance, Time, Calorie, Pulse

    • Handlebars: Adjustable

    • Rotation: 2-Way Bearing

    • Drive System: Belt Driven

    • Transport Wheels: Yes

    • Seat Adjustment: Horizontal

    • Max User Weight: 100 KG

    In-Depth Feature Analysis

    Effortless Magnetic Resistance

    The Power of Choice

    The Magnetic Recumbent Bike features 8 levels of magnetic resistance. This ensures a workout tailored to your individual needs, providing flexibility and adaptability to your fitness routine.

    The 3 K.G Flywheel

    Smooth as Silk

    A 3 K.G flywheel provides a smooth, jerk-free cycling experience. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother the ride, and our bike is engineered to offer the most comfortable pedaling you can get.

    Your Health at a Glance

    All-Seeing LCD Monitor

    The on-board LCD monitor provides real-time updates on essential metrics such as speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse. This helps you track your progress and motivates you to push for those extra miles.

    A Seat that Cares

    Ultimate Comfort Zone

    An adjustable, padded seat makes sure that you're comfortable throughout your workout. Plus, it's horizontally adjustable, ensuring that users of all heights find their perfect fit.

    Your Heart in Your Hands

    Handgrip Pulse Sensors

    Integrated into the adjustable handlebars are bio-metrics pulse sensors. These provide real-time pulse data, allowing you to stay in your target heart rate zone effortlessly.

    Portability at its Best

    Move it Your Way

    The Magnetic Recumbent Bike comes with built-in transport wheels. This feature makes it incredibly easy to move your bike around, maximizing your home space and workout location flexibility.

    Programs and Usability

    The Magnetic Recumbent Bike is designed to be user-friendly and offers a full cardiovascular workout. It’s an excellent choice for:

    • Burning Extra Body Fat: Effective dynamic exercise for weight loss.

    • Toning Your Abs: Get those abs of steel you've been dreaming of.

    • Strengthening Your Core: A strong core is a healthy core.


    Don't sacrifice comfort for fitness when you can have both. The Magnetic Recumbent Bike brings you an experience that is both easy on your back and effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Built to last and designed for ultimate comfort, this is the perfect addition to your home gym.

    Why wait? Make the smart choice for your health and well-being. Choose the Magnetic Recumbent Bike today.

    Shop now and unlock a world of fitness and comfort. Need help? Reach out to us 24/7 on WhatsApp at 92854696.

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