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Treadmill Buying Guide for Omani people

Treadmills are one of the most popular cardio machines for the home since they provide us with a simple but efficient aerobic workout. When buying a treadmill, there are many aspects to take into account, such as your budget or the goals you have set for yourself.

Selection by use or location

In our catalog you will find four well differentiated lines. In each of the products individually you will find the label that shows which range it belongs to:

  • Domestic Line : they are products 100% adapted for use at home, both individually and by several members. The warranty it covers is for this particular use only. A machine of this line located in a professional installation will lose the guarantee.

  • Home Premium Line : you will find a selection of treadmills for home use with all the features and benefits of professional models. A line designed for you to train at home but designed by the most prestigious and demanding brands in the professional fitness market, it offers unmatched performance, exceptional quality and exquisite design. A machine of this line located in a professional installation will lose the guarantee.

  • Semi-Professional Line : You will find a complete catalog of treadmills specially designed in quality, guarantee and price to cover the needs of gym facilities in companies, neighborhood communities, hotels, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers, municipalities, sports clubs and security forces and firefighters.

  • Professional Line : Designed for those professional fitness centers. From large gyms, Crossfit, Gym Boutiques or functional training. It is also valid for the semi-professional line of the most demanding

Once you have defined these two very personal points, you have to keep in mind the following specifications and technical characteristics :

  • 1) Tape dimensions

  • 2) Size of running surface

  • 3) Maximum user weight

  • 4) Engine power, speed and incline

  • 5) Cushioning

  • 6) Monitor and training programs

  • 7) Technological extras

  • 8) Benefits of treadmill

  • 9) Maintenance

  • 10) Cleaning and care

1) Tape dimensions

The size of the tape refers to the space it occupies, a fundamental aspect if you do not have enough space at home. Currently, there are a large number of models that can be folded up and take up little space after use , making storage much easier.

2) Size of running surface

The running surface is the part of the treadmill that it runs on (length x width). If space is not a problem for you, we recommend that you bet on the treadmill with the largest surface area, since a few centimeters more provide greater comfort when running.

Keep in mind that depending on your height and your stride you will train more comfortably on a treadmill or another. For example, users with a height greater than 1.80 m will need a surface area of at least 46 x 130 cm.

3) Maximum user weight

The maximum weight of the user is directly related to the effort required of the motor. The greater the weight of the user, the greater the effort required of the motor, and therefore, the greater its power must be. Make sure there is a certain difference between your weight and the maximum weight supported by the machine to ensure optimal performance in training.

4) Engine power, speed and incline

Motor: The motor is the most important part of the treadmill, as it determines its strength and durability. Choosing a model with a more or less powerful engine will depend, mainly, on the training objectives you have. The treadmills for domestic or semi-professional use have an integrated direct current motor, and those for professional use an alternating current motor. The type of motor affects how long the belt can be working.

Engine power, measured in horsepower (CV or HP), is measured continuously or at peak. Continuous power is the power that the motor can maintain constantly during a workout, and peak power is the maximum power that the motor can give on time , but is not maintained constantly during training. Therefore, the peak power will always be higher, but it will be the continuous power that really determines the robustness and actual capacity of the treadmill.

Speed: A maximum speed of 12 km / h is enough if you intend to do a constant and moderate exercise. But if you want to train harder and more intensively, we recommend that you make sure that the treadmill can reach a speed between 16 and 20 km / h, since otherwise you will quickly reach the speed limit and the machine will not be able to provide you with that higher level of training that you need in order to continue improving.

Inclination: The regulation of the inclination of the belt can be manual or electric. Most treadmills have an incline of between 10 and 12%, although this value can range from 8% to 15%. The incline is also a value that you have to take into account, since it will allow you to simulate races with more or less slope and test your time, speed or resistance, at a certain incline.

5) Cushioning

The damping is one of the most important features of a treadmill. Thanks to it, your joints will be more protected than training outdoors since the tape will absorb part of the impact so that your joints suffer less during your workouts. Damping systems are generally capable of absorbing impact between 15% and 40% . While it is true that damping is one of the strengths of training on a treadmill, there are some models with the option of adjusting the level of damping for

To get a more real feeling. These treadmills allow you to prepare races that you are going to carry out regardless of what the terrain will be.

6) Monitor and training programs

The monitor is the part where all the functions that vary the type and intensity of training are controlled. .

Its display shows basic indicators such as speed, incline, time, calories burned or running pace. From there and according to the price, the performance of the treadmill increases in technology and comfort.

7) Benefits of treadmill

  • Less impact
    Thanks to the cushioning systems, when exercising on the treadmill your joints will suffer less than on the street since the treadmill absorbs part of the impact when running or walking.

  • Health
    The treadmill not only helps you stay in shape, it also improves blood circulation and helps you lower blood pressure, thus strengthening the heart.

  • Lose Weight
    The treadmill is one of the cardio machines with the most calories you can burn. It allows you to perform various types of interval or long-term training. In addition, if you use the incline, the consumption of calories will increase even more and you will tone the muscles of the legs and glutes. Ultimately, it is perfect for achieving your weight loss goals.

  • No excuses.
    Nothing prevents you from training. Lack of time, the weather, uneven surfaces or poorly lit streets are several of the most common reasons to neglect your workouts. Having a treadmill in your home at any time of the day eliminates all those impediments.

  • Multitasking
    Training on a treadmill also allows you to enjoy other activities such as watching TV, listening to music, checking emails, surfing the internet and even working.

8) Maintenance

The lubrication is one of the most important points of maintenance of the treadmill and therefore should be performed often. Lubrication must be done with a silicone spray that does not contain additional additives.

For a good maintenance of the treadmill it is necessary to check the lubrication level of the treadmill. This should be done approximately every 200 hours of use, 150 km or once a month .

To properly lubricate the tape and achieve better maintenance we must:

Stop the treadmill and unplug it from the power.

Raise one side of the tread and apply the spray as horizontally as possible making sure it reaches the center of the treadmill.

Repeat the process on the opposite side of the treadmill.

Remove excess silicone that may have been generated.

Plug the treadmill back in and walk on it for five minutes at a moderate speed (maximum 5 km / h) to ensure that the lubrication is distributed throughout the treadmill.

Both lack of lubrication and excess lubrication are detrimental to the proper maintenance of the treadmill, so it is recommended to perform this procedure often using only the necessary amount of spray.

9) Cleaning and care

Regarding the correct care of the belt, it is important to bear in mind that it must be placed on a level surface so that the belt and the motor are balanced. It is recommended to apply a floor protector so as not to damage the surface as well as to reduce noise and extend the life of the treadmill.

After each workout, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any traces of sweat that may have been left on the deck, grips or mat.

Once a week, use a clean damp cloth to remove dust and dirt from the surface and the console. Remember to use only water to make as cleaning products can damage the finishes of your treadmill.

The integrated training programs are automatically executed by the machine following a predetermined objective (calorie burning, strength, resistance or speed training, etc.). Depending on the model you choose, the treadmill can have from 8 to 100 different programs with which to carry out personalized and varied workouts.

10) Technological extras

Another remarkable and increasingly decisive aspect when buying a treadmill is the possibility of carrying out interactive training. Many manufacturers are already integrating systems that merge with the technology of the different iOS devices (iPod, iPad or iPhone) and Android (Tablets and Smartphones) in order to offer, through specific Apps, a much more gratifying, visual and motivating experience than with traditional treadmills.

Treadmill Buying Guide for Omani people
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