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The bosu, an instrument to improve your fitness

By performing our exercises on this hemispherical basis we manage to work many more muscles since, in addition to the activity in question, we must focus on maintaining balance.

The BOSU (Both Sides Up) is an instrument for the physical exercise of recent incorporation in the training of sports professionals. Little by little it becomes habitual of the gyms, either as a complement to perform toning exercises or using it in directed classes.

Discover in this article what this hemispherical platform consists of and how you can benefit from it. You'll see how you want to try it!

What is the BOSU?

The BOSU is a platform in the form of a half sphere with a rigid base, as if it were a half ball. It can be used on both sides, multiplying its possibilities.

In addition, it is suitable for working with different levels of intensity . In fact, they use it from people who just want to improve their elasticity with stretching, to elite athletes for their preparation.

The BOSU allows so many possibilities that we can see it already in different sports disciplines. Next, we detail what they are.

What allows us to work the BOSU?

First, in directed classes of 45 or 60 minutes, we can use it as support. We can carry out toning and cardiovascular work programs.

It is a fitness exercise to which the fact that balance must be maintained on a deformable surface is added . This makes the muscles worked many and with great intensity. The muscles of the legs, abs and back are used. In addition, the exercise is performed without impacts or loads, minimizing the risk of injury.

The purpose is to make a functional training, in which the movements are similar to those we perform continuously in daily life. Therefore, we do not train isolated muscle groups, but by toning the entire body and integrating it with coordination, balance and proprioception.

We can also use the BOSU to perform series of exercises such as squats , abs, stretching, balance exercises on one leg, dynamic bottom, etc. Either supported on the rigid base or on the unstable.

BOSU benefits

The benefits of exercises on unstable surfaces during training have been a topic of discussion in recent years, as noted in a Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. According to this medium:

"The instability resistance training can facilitate the neuronal adaptation of the trunk stabilizing muscles, resulting in an improvement in the stability of the trunk."

However, the same research indicates that its effects may vary depending on the type of exercise, the instability device used, weight lifting and the training history of the subject.

In any case, practicing BOSU on a regular basis, under a professional-led training program, can provide the following benefits:

  • To start, build strength and muscular endurance. It strengthens the muscles of the trunk, abdomen, back, legs and buttocks.

  • It favors the adaptation of the muscles.

  • It allows postural reeducation exercises to take care of our back and prevent future injuries or problems.

  • Improves flexibility and elasticity. Specifically, when placed with the dome facing up, it turns out to be a good support for back and abdominal stretching.

  • Work agility and coordination.

  • It also helps us stay focused .

  • Help in the recovery of injuries.

  • In addition, if we perform aerobic exercises with the BOSU, we will burn calories, helping us in a weight loss program .

  • Finally, it adapts to different levels of work.

Have you tried the BOSU already? If you just know him, ask for the help of a professional trainer to start incorporating it into your exercises. In addition, gradually adjust the intensity of the routine to avoid falls or injuries.

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The bosu, an instrument to improve your fitness
abc, Administrator August 21, 2023
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