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The best gym machines to burn calories and tone

Gym machines are useful for weight loss and toning. To achieve your goals and not injure yourself you must plan your routine with a coach, work gradually and accompany the training with a healthy diet.

Have you ever wondered which gym machines benefit you most? In reality, this depends on the objectives you set. Gym machines allow you a variety of exercises, aerobics and anaerobics . In other words, gym machines are good not only for weight loss, but also for toning muscles.

In fact, sometimes, after a regular and continuous exercise plan, you may notice that your body has improved a lot. However, possibly, you have not lost weight. What happens is that your body has converted fat into muscle mass. You have reduced the amount of fat but you have toned your muscles. This would be a very desirable result.

To achieve this, it is also necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition to achieve the desired results.

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Proper use of gym machines

Gym machines are effective when they are properly used . Although the most common are the belt and the fixed bike there are also others that can help us reach our goal, whether it is to lose weight, such as toning or complementing a sport.

It is always advisable to start with a routine of low intensity and then gradually increase the effort (more speed, more weight, more inclination, etc.). Always consult with a gym trainer and ask them to put together a personalized routine, according to your physical condition and your objective.

Gym machines for fat burning

1. Exercise or stationary bike

The most popular and beneficial of the gym machines is, without a doubt, the exercise bike. It is estimated that it can cause us to burn between 500 and 900 calories per hour. Of course, this depends on the person's physique, their previous training, and the type of routine they do on the bicycle.

This machine has a very slight impact on the joints. There are those who believe that you simply have to sit and pedal. However, to avoid injuries you must have a coach who tells you how to use it, the intensity and the time of use. For example, the saddle should be adjusted so that the knees are extended by 90%.

The bad thing about the exercise bike is that it can be a somewhat monotonous exercise . You can take the opportunity to listen to music or watch a chapter of your favorite series while pedaling. But, you should concentrate on the exercise to do it well, not to injure yourself and to be useful.

A good option that we recommend is to attend spinning classes with a good teacher to teach you the technique and design a gradual routine.

2. Tape

This machine allows us to burn between 450 and 650 calories per hour, also depending on your physical condition and the exercise you do. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular gym machines.

On a tape we can not only walk, jog or run but also simulate real moments of a race (ups and downs, sprints , etc.). This is because they have programs that change speeds and inclinations.

It has a great impact on the joints (mainly knees) so it should be used sparingly and with the guidance of a coach.

3. Step or climber

The climber is another of the gym machines ideal for burning calories. It has programs like tape and allows us to perform cardio exercises to lose weight. The climber is composed of two platforms where the feet are placed and it is simulated to climb a ladder.

The intensity can be adjusted so that it costs us more to raise and lower our legs. It may happen that twins get tired because they work intensely.

4. Elliptical

This gym machine is a combination of bicycle, climber and treadmill. The movement is made of ellipse (hence the name of the device) . You need some experience to master the movements of the arms and legs at the same time. But it is simple and recommended. It is advisable to keep the abdomen contracted to strengthen it and the back straight to avoid pain.

5. Hydraulic rowing

This machine allows to work both the upper and lower train and strengthen the abdominals. Simulates the movement of the rowers of a canoe or a kayak. With the first we pull the bars towards us and with the second we push back. The grip must be strong. It is essential to be careful with the knees and shoulders . You must also work with your back straight.

Some hydraulic paddles contain different programs that you can learn with the help of a coach.

Keep in mind

You should always keep in mind that the first goal of the gym is health . That is the best motivation to go regularly. Talk to the gym coach to tell you your goals. Together they can plan a long-term routine that allows you to achieve your goals . The consultation with the coach is essential not only to plan and achieve your goals, but also not to injure yourself, and to avoid intense pain that prevents you from following your routine.

You don't want to achieve everything in a week. Do things well and gradually, so you will see the desired results.

The best gym machines to burn calories and tone
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