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The best exercises to grow shoulder muscles

For fitness lovers, we have prepared 4 of the best exercises to develop shoulder muscles. In most cases, you do not need to be an experienced user to carry them out.

Exercise shoulders

The muscles of the shoulders are some of the ones that we use the most every day . Among them are:

  • Supraspinatus muscle: Abduction or separation of the arm.

  • Subscapular muscle: Internal rotation.

  • Infraspinatus muscle: External rotation.

  • Deltoid muscle: Performs extension, flexion and abduction.

  • Pectoralis major muscle: Approximation, flexion and extension.

The exercises to strengthen the shoulder are numerous and may require a variety of materials based on loads such as weights. In addition, you should know that it is possible to work the shoulder in general by practicing sports such as swimming or rowing. So we will be stronger and have a stylized, powerful upper train , especially in the case of men.

Always remember that you should be advised by a specialist before performing risky physical exercises, thus avoiding any injury.

And then you will see:

The best exercises to grow shoulder muscles

Here is a list of the best exercises to grow your shoulder muscles:

1. Press Arnold

It is a variation of the traditional shoulder exercises to which a rotation movement is added . Weights are used.

  1. To start the exercise, you must place the weights in front of your shoulders with your palms facing you .

  2. Press the weights up while you rotate the wrists, so that, in the upper position, the palms face forward.

  3. Finally, turn the wrists in the opposite direction when lowering the dumbbells .

You can decrease the weight and increase the number of repetitions. For example, with 3 sets of 10 or 12 repetitions.

2. Push Press

To increase strength this exercise is ideal. However, it is necessary that you do it on alternate days and with a good preheating.

  • With the bar above the upper chest , bend your knees slightly.

  • Raise the bar above your head.

3. Side elevations

This is a great unique joint movement. Beginners often have trouble learning to synchronize their elbows. We recommend stopping the descending arc when the arms are about 30 degrees at your sides.

  • As seen in the image, it raises the weight laterally.

  • In some repetitions, you can perform the movement about 30 degrees beyond shoulder height to obtain a greater range of motion. You may have to sacrifice some weight with this variation.

  • Remember to keep your elbows slightly bent to minimize triceps work.

4. bird

The last exercise we propose is ideal for working the posterior deltoids .

  • To carry it out, you should keep your legs slightly bent and start leaning to bring your torso parallel to the floor.

  • Once you are in the correct position, start exhaling and gently stretch your arms until they are parallel to the floor .

  • Then hold on to the top of the movement for 1 or 2 seconds.

  • Finally, I gently nhala as you lower the arms to the starting position.

You can use variations, such as placing your head on a bench or using pulleys. The important thing is that the movement is performed correctly so as not to affect the back .

Finally, we hope you have found our list with the best exercises to grow your shoulder muscles interesting. We recommend you not force yourself to avoid and prevent some type of injury.

The best exercises to grow shoulder muscles
abc, Administrator August 16, 2023
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