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The benefits of Casein & how to use it

Benefits of Casein & how to use it

You probably know about whey protein and its benefits but do you know anything about Casein? It’s your lucky day, we are about to tell you everything.

The main difference between Casein and whey protein is that Casein is slow digesting dairy protein while whey is fast absorbed, this of course means that they both have different benefits. While whey is best taken after a workout to aid muscle growth, Casein is best taken before bed to release amino acids slowly and help with muscle recovery and reduced muscle breakdown during sleep.

So what is Casein?

Like whey protein, Casein is derived from Milk. Milk contains two forms of protein; whey, which forms 20% of Milk, and Casein, which forms the rest 80%. Casein, like all other animal proteins, is considered a complete protein source, this means it provides all the essential amino acids your body needs for growth and repair. There are two main forms of Casein, Micellar Casein which is digested slowly and Casein Hydrolysate which is predigested and rapidly absorbed.

Casein will also contain various micronutrients such as calcium, but the exact variety and amount varies depending on the brand.

Why should you use Casein?

Well, for the exact reason you use other protein supplements; muscle growth. It is considered a time release supplement that feeds your cells with amino acids slowly on a long period of time. This means it can help synthesize protein, even during times when your body is feeding on itself because you haven’t eaten for long (Catabolic state), this is ideal for when you are about to sleep. So the bottom line is, it is anti-catabolic and will help your body recover by releasing amino acids even when you are not eating or doing anything. Bonus tip, Casein is essential for your Ramadan workouts!

Other health benefits

Casein has other health benefits on the body, studies have shown that it might aid with high blood pressure and provide anti-bacterial and immune benefits. It might also reduce free radicals in the body and have antioxidants effect. And of course, the one benefit that everyone wants to read on any supplement; aiding with weight loss!

How to use Casein and maximize its benefits?

Casein in all its different forms is very convenient to use. Taking it before or after workout means you should take a fast absorbing form of Casein such as hydrolysate, or simply use whey protein. Where it really shines is taking it before bed. 1 to 2 scoops before beds can work miracles for your recovery and muscle growth over night. Of course you can take it from natural dairy products, the best would be cottage cheese! You can also get creative with your supplement and make pudding out of it instead of using regular milk or dairy.

Does it have any harmful side effects?

Researchers and scientists has been over the myth of high protein being debunked a million times. This of course does not go with people who have liver or kidney issues, who may need to limit their protein intake. Of course lactose intolerant people may become bloated or face digestion issue.

To sum it all up, Casein protein has many benefits and any harmful side effects may be caused from the wrong dosage or specific personal health issues. Check out the best Casein supplement products in our shops and choose what fits your bill the most from the Olympia Supplements Store in Oman !

The benefits of Casein & how to use it
abc, Administrator August 17, 2023
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