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Shopping guide : elliptical bikes

The elliptical combines all the benefits of a stepper and a treadmill. This fitness machine reduces the impact on the joints and becomes the most suitable solution for all those who suffer some type of knee, back, ankle injury, etc.

The ellipticals facilitate cardiovascular training without impacting the tendon since the feet always keep in contact with the pedals of the bicycle. The smooth movement exercises the large muscles of the upper and lower parts.

By changing the direction, incline and resistance, you will exercise your glutes and quadriceps better than with other cardiovascular machines. You will also be able to work the calves, biceps femoris, and flexor muscles of the hip and pelvis. They are ideal for losing some weight, improving flexibility, or improving overall shape as it offers total body training. They also burn more calories in less time and offer a comprehensive conditioning that will help you control weight, gain muscle fiber and reduce fat. Plus, to save space, many fold easily for storage.

What do I have to look at?

  • Solid and strong construction.

  • Options to vary the stride and adapt it to different users. Some models, especially the most current or the highest-end models, offer the option of changing the level of inclination of the pedals.

  • Smooth and quiet movement.

  • Options to adjust turning resistance. This will ensure that as we get fit and for more advanced users, we can adjust the resistance that the pedals and grips exert on the cadence.

  • Default program options. Just like on treadmills, a wide variety of programs is always useful for both advanced users and beginners as these programs come with a series of routine workouts that vary incline and speed.

  • Grips in front or on the sides, in case you lose your balance.

  • A good manufacturer warranty and service. As in any other Fitness machine, it is important that the product we buy comes with a good guarantee and that it covers any unforeseen, since if it does not, repair can make the machine more expensive in the long term.

Technical information


Vertical bars that you hold on to during training. They move back and forth in ovals with the use of the machine; This type of movement helps improve the elasticity of the arms.


Generally large surfaces to support the feet, with a non-slip surface.

Wheel or rotor

An inner part of the machine. As you push and pull you gain momentum so that you can achieve a smooth rhythm without stressing your muscles.

Heart monitor

Detect your pulse, often with the contact of the handlebar, showing at what rate your heart beats. Remember that, for most people, the most effective training rhythm is between 70 and 80% of the maximum rhythm.

Display or screen

Useful if you want to record your performance to track. It is a digital LCD screen that informs you about speed, distance, and calories burned. The controls, usually next to the screen, allow you to view the information that interests you most at any time, or change the default program.

Benefits of elliptical bikes

  • They exercise the whole body, and are perfect for improving overall shape quickly.

  • The versatility of the ellipticals helps you stay motivated.

  • You can work the upper and lower parts, or focus on one of them at a time.

  • They are simple to use and hardly require practice.

  • Smooth movement and adjustable step help make your workout more enjoyable.

  • Several predetermined programs can help you follow the training.

  • Various levels of resistance will keep pace with your progress.

  • The heart rate monitor and heart rate programs allow you to monitor your effort level and train more safely.

  • You can follow the steps, the time, the distance, the calories burned, to measure your progress. Thus, you can design a training program to suit you.


Elliptical bikes (all):

It is the most complete fitness machine that can be found today because it burns calories and tones at the same time. Perfect to lose weight taking care of the body, since the elliptical bikes are very low impact on the body, that is, the force exerted on the most sensitive parts such as the knees, feet, back or ankles, is minimal.

Exercise on an elliptical bike is cardiovascular and aerobic, increasing heart rate to optimal levels and helping to prevent injury and reduce stress. The muscles worked are the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and calf muscles.

Its benefits are:

  • Increases cardiovascular capacity

  • Burns a high amount of calories

  • strengthens the entire body, upper and lower body

Stationary elliptical bikes

These types of elliptical bikes, as the name says, have a specific place in the room and are the best fitness machine to lose weight and tone the body. They have a console to view the information you want, from knowing the heart rate at all times to the distance traveled during training, along with the intensity and calories burned.

Folding elliptical bikes

The main advantage of a folding elliptical bike is that it saves space. Normally if you do not have a house with space or a gym, putting an elliptical bike occupies a considerable space and many times you do not know where to put it. But with the folding elliptical these problems disappear since it can be stored anywhere and only be taken out when you want to use it.

Like stationary ellipticals, they have a screen where you can see the distance traveled, heart rate and calories burned. In addition, there is no need to worry if it falls on us during training because if it is mounted following the instructions, it is impossible for it to happen.

The most sold

Once you have chosen what type of elliptical bike you want, whether fixed or folding, with what kind of requirements, etz. You can remain undecided by the model, the brand or other conditions that can end up giving you a headache. Get to know the best-selling elliptical bikes and the opinion of those who already enjoy a complete exercise.

Shopping guide : elliptical bikes
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