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Recumbent VS Upright Bikes - Benefits & Detailed Comparison | Exercise Bike Reviews

Do you exercise on the bike when you go to the gym? Or do you have one already in your home? Have you ever heard about its benefits to your body health and fitness?

The exercise bikes have become one of the most important and varied sports equipment, most people think, after all, it is only a bike, right? Well it is not actually, and, in this article, we will focus on the differences between two of the most popular exercise bikes in Olympia store.

Comparison between the Upright bikes and the Recumbent bike

If your main concern is to lose calories, both bikes have the same capabilities? It is all about your hard work and practice and what you are willing to do to achieve your fitness goals.

The Upright Bikes

  1. The pedal lies under the body of the rider

  2. The rider’s body stands over the bike’s build, it is closer to the bicycle you ride when you were a kid

  3. The rider’s body is in a bit hunched position that shows a slight bend in the neck and the back that might not be comfortable for some people with neck and back problems

  4. The bike seat is small, similar to the traditional bicycle seat, it is not a good choice for those who want to enjoy a longer workout or for the elderly

The upright bikes give you more versatility work out than the recumbent bike because you can choose to sit and pedal, or you can stand and pedal as it is designed like a standard bike

Upright bikes are less expensive than recumbent bike with less space occupied and many models can be easily folded

1. The pedal lies in front of the body of the rider

2. The rider body is in a horizontal position, sits comfortably over the bike’s build

3. The rider’s body is in a reclined position, it is more comfortable which eliminates muscle fatigue

4. The bike seat is large and comfy as if you sit on your office chair, it also provides back support which is a great option when you sit to exercise and your back won’t suffer any strain

The recumbent bike is still gentle on the lower back and your joints, due to the comfortable way that you sit in the bike which reassures better spinal posture.

Moreover, the idea of keeping your hands-free during exercising, allow you to enjoy reading a book or play a game on your mobile

It is also a preferred choice for those who suffer from balance problems as the recumbent bike sit close to the ground, hence it has a lower center of gravity.

The upright bikes Vs. the recumbent bike

For better understanding; the table hereunder will concise the impact of each bike on your body parts, and the influence on the full motion.

Low impact

Upper Body

Lower Body


Full range of motion

Upright Bikes




Recumbent Bike



Just bear in mind whether you chose the upright bikes or recumbent bike, both are only beneficial if you use them, make your own exercise routine with attainable goals and stick with it, especially when you are new to exercise or someone with joint, or back problems

And remember what you do today for your health, substantially will affect your future

You can check our store online for brands and pricing.

Recumbent VS Upright Bikes - Benefits & Detailed Comparison | Exercise Bike Reviews
abc, Administrator August 30, 2023
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