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Is it possible to get a flat stomach in two weeks?

To lose weight quickly and get a flat stomach there are no miraculous products. To achieve a healthy and fit physique the most important thing is to change our lifestyle habits and be consistent with a series of dietary and sports patterns.

With determination and willpower it is possible to lose weight, and also get a flat stomach. To do this, as we mentioned, first of all we must adopt a balanced and healthy diet that is appropriate to our particular case. In addition, regular sports will be essential.

We are aware that adopting these habits is not always easy. Therefore, and especially at the beginning, our recommendation is to go to a specialist to help us, both with diet and physical exercise. A good coach can teach us what activities to do according to our objectives and qualities.

Next, we develop what are some of the recommendations given by professionals to work a flat stomach. Discover which ones best suit you and how to introduce them into your life habits.

Dietary recommendations

To get a flat stomach, as well as in general to maintain a good physique, it is essential to take good care of food. In this sense, the concept of a balanced diet emerges, which refers to knowing what we should eat and in what quantities.

Currently, we live in a society that is characterized by the great abundance of food we have available. However, every day we encounter the problem of knowing how to choose a true proper diet. Not all foods sold to us as healthy really are.

As indicated by Ángeles Carbajal Azcona, from the Department of Nutrition at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Complutense University of Madrid, in a recent study “the population is increasingly sensitized to the need and desire to maintain health, what they want To say that we are more receptive to everything related to nutrition and this makes us much more vulnerable. »

Therefore, it is necessary to establish and disseminate clearly the general rules that must be taken into account to design, prepare and consume a balanced diet.

Carbajal also explains in his study how the first condition for a diet to be nutritionally balanced is that all the necessary nutrients are present in it in sufficient quantities to meet the nutritional needs of each person and avoid deficiencies. This can be easily achieved if foods from different groups are included in the diet. Like cereals, fruits, vegetables, oils, dairy, meat and fish.

Nutrients are widely distributed in food, so it is possible to obtain them from different combinations of them. According to the specialist, this is already sufficient guarantee of nutritional balance.

There must also be an adequate balance between food. This is because the excessive consumption of a food can displace or replace another one that contains a certain nutrient. Moderation in the quantities consumed in order to maintain an adequate weight and to work the physique is also a rule of thumb.

Exercises to get a flat stomach

Exercising is the other pillar necessary to get a flat stomach. As we said, to get results you must be constant at work and always move at your own pace.

Pablo J. Marcos, PhD in Sports Sciences and Principal Investigator of the Research Group on Health, Physical Activity, Fitness and Motor Behavior (GISAFFCOM) of the UCAM, indicates as “performing between 30-60 minutes of physical exercise daily we can improve our Health and quality of life."

“The benefits at the physical level in weight control, cardiovascular health, glycidic control, lowering of bad cholesterol, calcium assimilation and improvement of physical condition are proven,” adds Pablo J. Marcos.

A good way to start working the physicist is through the following

1. Low and high intensity exercises

Make combinations of high intensity training, with exercises cardio three days a week to maximize fat burning. Alternate between several minutes of cardio at an easy intensity and several minutes of high intensity cardio. Make 30 minute sessions.

2. Strength exercises

Practice strength training exercises three days a week, to burn fat for a long time. Since they increase muscle mass and maintain active metabolism after training.

3. Localized exercises

Add stomach exercises to reaffirm the obliques and lower and upper abdominals . It includes exercises such as squats, abs, side bends, torso twists, irons and reverse abs.

Be consistent in your exercises and diet, the key to achieving goals is often found in patience and work well done.

Above all, do not hurry if in two weeks you have not achieved your goals. Well-worked changes take time to arrive. But if you exercise and maintain healthy habits every day, sooner or later you will reach your goal. The important thing is that you don't give up.

Is it possible to get a flat stomach in two weeks?
abc, Administrator August 10, 2023
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