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Is it good to spin?

Spinning is a very fashionable sport in recent times because it offers good results for health. However, some tips to avoid injuries should be taken into account. Know if spinning is good for you or not.

Spinning is an aerobic exercise that is performed on a stationary bike, in a gym and under the guidance of an instructor or teacher.

Also called “indoor-cycling,” spinning is an excellent exercise for strengthening the muscles of the legs and hips, and because of its aerobic nature it helps boost the functioning of the heart.

In addition, the different routines of the classes contribute to exercise other parts of the body, such as arms, neck and back.

If you decide to dabble in spinning, it is best to do it little by little. An American Journal of Medicine study warns of cases of rhabdomyolysis - a disorder of muscle cells that can affect the kidney - mostly in people who practiced spinning for the first time.

For that reason, Dr. Alan Coffino assures in an interview in the New York Times that spinning is a good exercise, but that he should not demand maximum effort at the beginning. It is also important to have an instructor who knows how to regulate the pace of the classes according to the capacity of the participants.

Tips for spinning

First of all, make sure you have water on hand and maintain hydration during exercise. The position of the body and the bicycle must be correct to avoid injury and excessive tiredness.

  • It is recommended that the lower back be at 45 ° in relation to the handlebar.

  • The hip ( sciatic area ) should be elevated from the seat and keep the body aligned.

  • The knees should be parallel to the pedals.

  • The neck should not be stressed, it is vital to loosen the shoulders and back.

  • The dolls in line with the handlebar or on top of it.

  • The elbows are semi-folded, parallel to the floor.

  • The height of the seat should be at the height of the hips of the person standing next to him.

  • The distance between the seat and the handle, that the knees reach the bottom of the handlebars.

  • The pedals should have good support for the feet , placing the tip in the support.

  • The handle, at a comfortable height to support the hands and forearms.

  • The weight, according to the needs of each one.

Is it good to spin?

Taking proper precautions, spinning is a fun and fairly complete exercise with several benefits:

  1. It is a low impact exercise for the joints.

  2. It helps improve cardiovascular activity.

  3. It burns calories and helps strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks in a few weeks.

  4. It helps reduce stress.

  5. It improves the physical condition in general.

If you have any questions related to this sport, we recommend that you go to a gym and consult it there with a specialist.

Is it good to spin?
abc, Administrator August 22, 2023
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