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How to create your home gym ?

Exercising is a way to create balance between the body and the mind . If you do not have time to train, here we will leave you 4 elements that you can use to make a gym at home.

We know that the daily routine is time consuming, and this can lead us to neglect our body by focusing only on work or at home.

However, there are multiple ways to exercise and provide wellness to the body. Being at home not only serves to rest.

Your daily routine

The basis of all physical change is based on four main pillars: motivation, training, nutrition and rest. Motivation is the key to a good workout , this will be the basis to encourage you and to train at home.

Now, in a conventional gym there are a number of elements and machines that allow you to develop an optimal workout. We can find treadmills, exercise bikes, weights or multifunctional machines, among other elements, that help to exercise.

But at home you can also build your own gym, you just have to spend time training and encourage yourself to create a plan . The first thing is to set a goal, either lose weight or tone.

You don't have to be an athlete to do your own physical training and increase your endurance. You can start doing a cardiovascular activity like going for a run or riding a bike. The option you choose will be fine because you will be providing well-being to the body.

Doing a gym at home is simple, and you can use different objects and items that you have nearby. Here are some tips for you to create your own space and you can exercise every day.

Cheer up, get out of the routine and train at home!

Items you can use to make your own gym at home

1. Mat

With something as simple as a mat you can create your gym at home.

The mat is a useful element for training at home , you can use it to practice yoga or perform toning exercises. The ideal is to have a comfortable and non-slip mat, to avoid falls or injuries.

With a mat you can perform push-ups, sit-ups and exercises that involve lying down . You can also do exercises to strengthen the abdomen , back and legs.

It is a fundamental element to consolidate the practice at home. Also, it is important to have a means to support your back and not do it directly on the floor. Even if you are at home you can be injured if you force your body beyond its limits . This is where the mat comes in!

2. Choose a wide space

An open space will be the best place to create your home gym.

In your home you can choose a space such as the room or the room, where you do not have so many elements that interrupt the training. If you have chairs or tables that hinder free passage, move them around so that you can train without fear of hitting yourself.

Your home gym will be your personal space, adapting it to your tastes is the best option to enjoy training .

In addition, training freely is the most indicated to perform in the exercises . At home there will be many distractions like the TV or the sofa, do not think about them and focus your attention on the training.

3. Homemade weights

To tone the arms you can make your own homemade weights , since this instrument will be essential for training. Raising weight will help you strengthen your biceps, triceps, and chest muscles.

There are multiple options for making homemade weights:

  • You can fill two empty medium-sized soda or water bottles with grains or sand . This will make the bottles heavy. Then you can join them with a stick or bar to hold them.

  • Another option is to use two cans and fill them with sand or cement, and join them with a metal tube . This dumbbell will be heavier, but it will help you increase your endurance and have strong arms.

4. Stool or chair

With a few simple chairs you can create your gym at home.

At home we have stools, stools or chairs of short stature . This element will be ideal for doing multiple exercises that need support.

One option is to do elbow curls by resting your hands on the chair ; This exercise will be effective in building arm muscles.

The bench will also serve as a support to perform the steps or climb steps. This exercise is ideal for strengthening the legs and calves. Its effect will be immediate. You only have to raise one leg and then the other. When you are up low and repeat the movement.

Try it! These simple elements will help you turn your space into a home gym. You have no excuses to train and spend time with your body.

How to create your home gym ?
abc, Administrator August 9, 2023
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