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How to combine Spinning sessions with gym training

The Spinning class tends to be one of the biggest queues it causes in a large number of sports centers. This indoor cycling activity has become terribly popular thanks to its combination of exercise on the exercise bike with the musical support and motivation provided by the instructor.

These are very intense sessions with a high energy expenditure, making them ideal for burning calories in the gym and releasing adrenaline. However, although some prefer to limit themselves to aerobic activities , it is always better to complete.

But Spinning is a demanding activity, and you shouldn't jump into both workouts independently or your performance will suffer. If you want to find the best way to combine your Spinning sessions with room training, follow one of these two plans:

Alternate sessions: Spinning classes + room training

This is the most common and intuitive method. If you do your Spinning sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, dedicate Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to room training. It's about alternating types of training to give the body enough time to recover.

Ideally, by following this plan, you should do a full-body room workout, in which in each session you work one large and one smaller muscle group. You should pay special attention to the day you work your legs, which are the ones that suffer the most in the Spinning session that they will have to do the next day. Therefore, it is recommended that you leave your legs for the last session of the week , so that you have the closest day of rest. But don't take it as an excuse to skip the leg work day at the gym !

Train with light repetitions, between 12 and 15, without a large weight load or an excessive volume of exercises . A workout of about 50 minutes with stretching will suffice most of the time. To control that your training intensity is not excessive, try that when you finish each series, you feel that you could still have done one or two more repetitions . In this way, you will not push the muscle to the limit, and the next day you will be able to enjoy your Spinning session properly.

It is not a simple matter of comfort: if the muscles do not enjoy an adequate recovery period, the chances of injury soar , and in the long run we punish the musculature instead of improving its condition.

Sessions in a row: Spinning sessions + gym work

The Spinning is an aerobic activity that helps burn a lot of calories , so it is also possible to combine their practice with a specific muscle training as is the training room. After your Spinning session, your muscles are warm. You can take advantage of this to end the session with a few weight exercises or another type.

If you are going to train like this, there are two important factors to keep in mind:

  1. The first is that this option is more suitable for advanced athletes, for whom an hour-long Spinning session does not mean reaching the limit of their energies and can afford to squeeze their body a little more. Be honest with yourself and if your fitness is still not enough, choose another option or try to take the Spinning class more calmly so you can get to the training room with some energy.

  2. The other is that you have to be especially careful the day you work the muscles of your legs after Spinning . Keep in mind that they just made a big effort, and you won't be able to lift the weights you usually move when you're cool.

Do not spend more than 30 or 40 minutes on these sessions, which are a complement to the Spinning session. The good thing about working like this is that your body will have a longer recovery period, so the intensity can be a little higher.

How to combine Spinning sessions with gym training
abc, Administrator June 13, 2023
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