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How can you introduce fitness to your children?


Quarantine days are still in full swing. To defend COVID-19, it is best to stay home. This must be done with no excuses to ensure our safety. It's not enough to just stay home as you must wash your hands frequently and keep them clean.

Now, it is hard for anyone to stay at home, especially for people who regularly go out to meet their friends, and for children,  this is really difficult. Parents may be familiar with the difficulties of keeping children engaged at home.

The solution is to introduce fitness to your child to keep them engaged and safe. But how? You can begin by saying that there is plenty of time for your children at home and they should make the most of it.

Fitness is important for kids

Children need to be active and fit to have a healthy childhood. It will benefit their inside-body skills and muscles if you start it early and will be less likely to develop chronic illnesses.

Experts recommend doing at least one hour of aerobic exercise each day so that they will be able to stay unbeaten at school by being physically active.

On the other side, Adults need to establish a strong foundation for strength training through proper training. Children should be taught the same as they need to be taught strategies and practices that are appropriate for their age and fitness level.

Age and fitness

As we mentioned, children must be trained according to their age. Take a look at what fitness lessons should be given to your child.

Ages 3-5

This age group is more likely to be active all day. So, regular activities are recommended to maintain a healthy weight and improve bone health. You can introduce sports like basketball and soccer to them as well to keep them fit and remember one thing, this is a time for fun and fitness, not competition. So, don’t make your children overwhelmed by your expectations.

Basic swimming lessons can be started for children as young as five years old as it will allow them to be active. You can also teach your child how to exhale and make bubbles underwater while swimming. Breathing control and floating at the age of four or five is very essential for your children.

Billiards and table tennis are good options if your children like to play indoor as it will be fun for them, and they can move to outdoor basketball when the quarantine is over.

Age 6-8

You can now watch your children hit a baseball or pass a basketball or play soccer ball at this age as they are ready to learn gymnastics. You can give them a bike that has a pedal and steers. This is also a great time to introduce children to different fitness and athletic activities.

You can start training them at home with basic exercises if they are introverts. They will enjoy aerobics and yoga as well.

Ages 9-11

Children are now able to accurately throw and hit a baseball. They can also make eye contact during a tennis or golf ball game. This age is full of competition, but don't let your focus be solely on winning. If they are well trained, you can take them to short marathons and races.

At this age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep your children inside, so make sure they are doing regular exercises at home as well, and spend 30-60 minutes with your children for an exercise session.

Age 12-14

Research shows that kids lose interest in organized sports once they reach adulthood. Their interest in strength- and muscle-building exercises now will be. However, you should not encourage your child to lift heavy weights until they have reached puberty.

They can use stretchy tubes, bands, and body-weight exercises such as squats and pushups. These exercises increase strength and reduce the risk to bones and joints. Children are most at risk at this age during their early teenage years. Your child should not lift excessive weights, or use incorrect form when running or throwing.

Age 15 or above

Your child can begin lifting weights once they have reached puberty and, you can introduce them to weightlift training classes. You can also encourage them to run marathons and triathlons.

How can you motivate your kids?

Although physical activities and exercises are important for children's development and growth, it can be difficult to motivate them to do them. They may become bored, frustrated, or not ready to participate in the activity. So, it is important to keep them interested firstly.

It is important to choose activities that are appropriate for the child's age. You will soon lose the child's interest if you don't. You shouldn't force a 3-year-old to do aerobics. Teenagers won't like simple activities. Choose the right activities.

Parents need to ensure that their children have plenty of activities. Home activities are currently the only option. As the situation improves and things get back to normal, you should not lock children inside their home, but let them play outdoors as well.

It is vital that children have fun. If kids don't have fun, they won’t be able to engage in any activity. Make sure there is a lot of fun in any activity that you choose for your child. Children will be more inclined to participate in the activity if they enjoy it.
Encourage and praise children for their efforts. They will feel fulfilled if they know that they are appreciated and encouraged.

Food and Nutrition

Quarantine is a great time to provide nutritious and healthy food for your children. You want your children to be active and healthy. These are some tips to improve your children's health.

Variety is key to good food. Avoid eating the same thing over and over again. Include five portions of fruits and vegetables daily, as well as two fruits and three vegetables.

Your kids should drink water as well as milk. Water is vital to their bodies' hydration, and milk provides calcium and minerals that will help strengthen their bones. Juices are also an option. Avoid cold drinks, sodas, and sugary drinks.

Don't overfeed your children and don't force your children to eat more after they are satisfied. Overeating can lead to weight gain.

Last Thoughts

In the end, being healthy is important. It is important for children to be active from childhood. This will make them more healthy throughout their lives. You must create a foundation that will allow your child to become a healthy adult. Encourage them to develop lasting habits that will improve their overall health.

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How can you introduce fitness to your children?
Website Team September 23, 2021
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