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9 compelling reasons to train on the treadmill

Are you one of those who likes to train on the treadmill or, on the contrary, do you prefer to go running outdoors? Surely on more than one occasion, you have heard that running on the street is much more beneficial , however, the treadmill also has its advantages. If you're going to start treadmill running , here are 9 compelling reasons to train on the treadmill. We hope they convince you!

Why exercise on the treadmill?

There are many myths and false beliefs that circulate around the famous treadmill, a machine highly appreciated by many, but also demonized by others. If you're still wondering whether it 's better to run outdoors or on the treadmill , don't miss these reasons that show that running on the treadmill isn't as bad as some people paint it.

1.You will feel more comfortable

This is, without a doubt, one of the main benefits of the treadmill . And it is that in this device, you can choose the forward speed yourself, that is, if you want to run or walk faster or slower , which will make you feel more comfortable during training.

2. The weather will no longer be an obstacle

When the cold of winter arrives or, on the contrary, the summer heat gets too tight, you will probably find thousands of excuses not to go running outdoors. However, if you opt for the treadmill you will not depend on the weather to train every day.

3. You will run safer

When we run on the treadmill we will not find obstacles that can cause a fall or an annoying injury . Therefore, it is considered that we can run safer on the treadmill than outdoors.

4. You can do more things

One of the benefits of running on the treadmill is that you will be able to carry out activities that motivate you during training and you will not have to resort to tricks to avoid getting bored on the treadmill . In this sense, you can watch television or read your favorite novel while you are on the tape, something that, however, you cannot do when you go running outside.

5. More precise training monitoring

When we get on the treadmill we can control at all times the intensity of the exercise we are doing, know the distance we have traveled, even know the number of calories we have consumed during training.

6. Better analyze the technique

By running on the treadmill we can also analyze more precisely what our way of running is like and, in this sense, it is possible to rectify the technique more easily if we are not running well.

7. Allied to improve injuries

If you have suffered an injury and are going to do physical exercise again, you should know that the treadmill is one of the best allies to get back in shape after a period of convalescence. And it is that this machine allows you to apply more or less intensity, as well as gradually extend the time you dedicate to each session.

8. Complete muscle exercise

If you want to lose weight on the treadmill and exercise your body from head to toe, feel free to use the treadmill in your sports training. And it is that when we train on the treadmill, we increase leg strength, burn calories, and increase our respiratory and cardiovascular capacity in a very significant way

9. You choose how you want to run

The latest generation treadmills usually incorporate a computer that simulates the real conditions of the terrain. Therefore, on a treadmill you can jog or walk on flat ground, on a slope, and do it at different speeds and intensity.

9 compelling reasons to train on the treadmill
abc, Administrator July 17, 2023
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