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6 tips to improve your treadmill workouts

It is a basic machine in any gym that you can also have at home to run whenever you want without having to go out and optimize your workouts to the maximum. Find out how to get the most out of your treadmill with these tips. Keep reading!

If you practice running , the treadmill is an excellent tool that can help you improve your running technique , avoiding injuries , while gaining running speed and endurance. Training on the treadmill does not have to be boring because there are many benefits that it offers you so that you can enter variables in each session. Increase the incline, move backwards or laterally, increase the resistance level, modify the stride ... Take note of everything you can do on the treadmill.

How to train better on the treadmill ?

Monotony and lack of motivation are the main problem when running on the treadmill, but with the following tips you will improve with each workout on the treadmill:

1. Start with a good warm-up

It is a common mistake to jump into running on the treadmill without thinking that, also running on it, requires a warm- up that will be your first exercise. Warm up before getting on the treadmill. A few stretches and twists of the arms, ankles and knees are essential. Also, take your first strides at slow / moderate speed.

2. Run in all possible directions

Not only forward, it also runs backwards and laterally, always lifting your feet well. The change in your movements will make you involve different muscles in each of your steps: quads, twins, hamstrings, and glutes ...

3. Increase speed and incline progressively

In order to improve your workouts on the treadmill, it is important to demand a little more from each race. The machine allows you to adjust the level of difficulty (resistance and speed) . Don't make yourself comfortable doing the same thing. After a proper warm-up, go up that level as you spend minutes on the treadmill.

4. Dare with the slopes

The training piggyback on the treadmill is one of the great advantages of this device. Being able to give the incline you want to the treadmill will make you train as if you were running on a circuit that includes more or less steep slopes. Including “hills” in your treadmill training will improve your performance in a short time and make your training more effective.

5. Includes high-intensity intervals

The demanding interval training (HIIT) can be carried out perfectly on the treadmill. Run alternating slow pace and jog every 5 - 8 minutes and intersperse a few seconds at maximum power and speed.

6. Don't hold onto the bar

Try to imitate the natural movement you make when moving forward, just as if you were running on the street or in the field. The arm stroke is important when training on the treadmill, not only to work the upper body muscles but to improve your own marks in each race.

Details that will improve your treadmill performance

Being a smooth-moving surface, without the obstacles you may have training outdoors, the treadmill can help you improve your posture, your footprint, and overall running technique. If you're going to start treadmill running, review these tips and progressively improve your performance:

  • On the machine, remember to keep your back straight with your abdomen and glutes contracted while coordinating the movement of your legs with that of your arms. Keep your eyes straight ahead.

  • Don't make constant stops. Plan your workout time on the treadmill and complete it. If you can't, set yourself a more "realistic" goal that you can meet. Also on the treadmill, it is important to adapt the effort to your own physical condition.

  • Good pair equipment is also important. Comfortable and breathable clothing along with appropriate shoes that adapt to your footprint (prone, supine, or neutral) is key to achieving greater effectiveness on the treadmill. Remember that you should try to support the foot in its middle area (not on toes or heels).

  • Finally, don't forget to monitor the evolution of your training on the treadmill by checking variables such as your heart rate, the average speed obtained, or caloric expenditure. If you have these references clear, it will be easier for you to try to beat your own marks on the treadmill.

6 tips to improve your treadmill workouts
abc, Administrator July 19, 2023
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