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3 routines to train at home with the treadmill

Is it possible to get fit from home with the treadmill? If you have set yourself the goal of losing weight, improving your cardiovascular performance, or starting to exercise regularly, running will be the perfect sport. It is a complete discipline that will help you improve your health and your physique.

What are the benefits of having a treadmill ? Not having a place to train or in bad weather can be an excuse. However, if you have a treadmill at home, you can create your own schedules and do sports a few minutes before going to work or when you get home. First of all, it is essential that you know which are the best treadmills based on your needs. Among the main elements, the price, the maximum speed, the noise, if it has an inclination, the size, the damping, if it is folding or fixed, as well as the monitoring functions stand out.

Do not know where to start or how you should develop the training? We show you different routines and exercises for you to get fit. Let's get started!

Routines to train with the treadmill

These three routines are ideal to alternate them during your workouts and progressively improve:

Routine 1: HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training)

The HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training refers to alternate in the same session periods of high intensity with periods of slower pace .

HIIT training has multiple benefits to improve your physical condition. In fact, doing this type of race twice a week will allow you to burn fat , gain strength and improve aerobic power . In addition, it should be noted that interval training continues to provide benefits once exercise has been completed, since it increases metabolism and caloric expenditure during the following 24 hours .

We propose the following routine for a total of 30 minutes:

On the one hand, heat 10 minutes at a gentle stroke. Subsequently, we offer you different levels that you can choose depending on your background or physical form.

  • First level : 20 seconds at a fast pace and 40 seconds at a smooth pace.

  • Second level : 30 seconds at a fast pace and 30 seconds at a smooth pace.

  • Third level 3 : 40 seconds at a fast pace and 20 seconds at a smooth pace.

Then returns to calm with 10 minutes to mild or moderate pace.

Routine 2: Incline Training

The incline on the treadmill is an ideal option to increase the strength of your legs and increase your resistance .

To begin, you should warm up at a moderate pace for 10 minutes . Once you have started your body, increase the incline two points for an interval of 5 minutes and return to the flat floor. Do 2 sets of, on the one hand, 10 minutes of high speed and, on the other hand, 5 minutes of high speed with incline . Finally, calm down again with another 10 minutes at a gentle pace .

Routine 3: Sprints

Often time is limited and you need a quick workout of less than 20 minutes. In this case, you can resort to the sprint combination race . They will help you increase your power and speed in record time.

  • First Sprint : Warm up by running at smooth speed for 5 minutes. Then run 2 seconds at top speed and walk 40 seconds. Repeat 10 times and then calm down another 5 minutes at low speed. You will get a good 20 minute express workout.

  • Second sprint : First walk 1 minute, then run 1 minute at a medium pace and finally, do a 30-second sprint. Repeat 5 times to work 15 minutes completely.

In summary, these simple routines will help you improve your endurance and power. Find a hole and start training!

3 routines to train at home with the treadmill
abc, Administrator July 30, 2023
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