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LP8405 Live Pro Toning Tube Pro

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Brand: Live Pro

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LP8405 Live Pro Toning Tube Pro
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The pull pipe which is made of latex elastic material has non-slip, textured handles at both ends.

Yellow, blue, red and gray pipes are available, each with a length of 120cm, and the resistance force gradually increases with the stretching.

The pull pipe is lightweight and portable, so you can exercise with it from place to place.

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    LP8405 Live Pro Toning Tube Pro

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    LP8405 Live Pro Toning Tube Pro: Your Versatile Fitness Companion

    Introduction: Elevate Your Workout Anywhere, Anytime

    Meet the LP8405 Live Pro Toning Tube Pro, a testament to innovation in portable fitness equipment available at Olympiasouq. Designed for those who seek a blend of convenience, quality, and versatility in their workout tools, this toning tube, featured in Olympiasouq's premium collection, is an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Discover the perfect balance of efficiency and performance with Olympiasouq's carefully selected range of fitness gear.

    Product Overview: A Deep Dive into Quality and Design

    Key Specifications

    • Brand: Livepro
    • Available Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Gray
    • Material: PP, TPR, Latex, Polyester
    • Weight: 220g (Yellow), 245g (Blue), 200g (Red), 270g (Gray)
    • Size: 7×11×1200mm (Yellow), 5×11×1200mm (Blue), 6×10×1200mm (Red), 6×13×1200mm (Gray)
    • Resistance Levels: Light, Medium, Heavy

    Outstanding Product Features

    • High-Grade Latex Material: The tube's main body is crafted from premium latex, known for its resilience, elasticity, and durability. This ensures a longer lifespan and consistent performance, even with frequent use.
    • Ergonomic TPR Handle: Each handle is 12.3cm long and 3.2cm thick, wrapped in a layer of TPR material for a comfortable, non-slip grip during your workouts.
    • Sleek Non-Slip Design: The handles are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, with a textured design that ensures a firm grip.
    • Robust Coupling Design: The coupling between the tube and handle is meticulously engineered to protect the latex tube and prevent wear and tear, enhancing the product's longevity.
    • Portability for Flexible Workouts: Lightweight and compact, the LP8405 is perfect for exercising anywhere – at home, in the office, or on the go.
    • Durable Logo and Warranty: Featuring a wear-resistant logo on the polyester tape of the handle, this toning tube comes with a 3-month comprehensive commercial warranty, assuring quality and reliability.
    • Adaptability to Various Settings: Whether you’re at home, in the office, or in a gym, this toning tube is well-suited for a range of resistance and stretching exercises, making it a smart investment for any fitness setup.

    Enhancing Your Fitness Routine with LP8405

    For Diverse Workout Needs

    The LP8405 Live Pro Toning Tube Pro is designed to cater to a wide range of fitness goals. From light stretching to intense resistance training, its varied resistance levels make it suitable for different strength levels and workout preferences.

    For the On-the-Go Individual

    For those with a busy lifestyle or frequent travelers, the LP8405 offers the perfect solution to maintain a consistent workout routine. Its portability means you can keep up with your fitness regimen, no matter where you are.

    For Safe and Effective Training

    Safety and effectiveness are key in any workout. The LP8405's ergonomic design and robust construction ensure that your exercises are both safe and productive, maximizing the benefits of each session.

    Maximizing Your Workouts: Tips and Techniques

    • Upper Body Exercises: Use the toning tube for arm curls, shoulder presses, and tricep extensions, targeting key upper body muscles.
    • Lower Body Workouts: Incorporate the tube into squats, lunges, and leg extensions to tone and strengthen lower body muscles.
    • Core and Flexibility Training: Engage your core and improve flexibility with exercises like Russian twists and Pilates movements.

    Product Features

    1.High-grade latex

    The main body of the pull pipe is made of high-grade latex pipe, which features good resilience, higher elasticity, longer service life, and resistance to breakage and deformation even after a long period of use.

    2.TPR handle

    The PP handle is 12.3cm long and 3.2cm thick, cladded with a ring of TPR material on the surface, which offers a comfortable grip.

    3.Non-slip design

    The texture design makes the handle nice-looking and resistant to slip.

    4.Coupling design

    The coupling part of pipe and handle is specially tailored, both ends of the pipe is protected inside the coupling part, which can protect the pipe and prevent it from falling and breaking.

    5.Any site

    The pull pipe is tiny , lightweight and portable, you can exercise with it from place to place.

    6.Logo and warranty

    Logo is joined to the polyester tape of the handle, wear-resistant, covered by 3-month comprehensive commercial warranty, free from any damage.

    7.Various scenes

    Well-tailored for homes, offices and gyms and suitable for resistance and stretching workout, this gear is a wise investment for gyms.

    Conclusion: A Step Towards a Fitter, Stronger You

    The LP8405 Live Pro Toning Tube Pro is more than just a fitness tool; it's a commitment to a healthier, more active lifestyle. Its combination of quality, versatility, and portability makes it an essential addition to any fitness regimen.

    Take the Leap into a Healthier Life

    With free shipping on orders above OMR 10 and 24/7 support on WhatsApp (92854696), your journey to a better, stronger self is just a click away. Embrace the benefits of the LP8405 Live Pro Toning Tube Pro and take your workouts to new heights!



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