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FREE Shipping above 10 OMR

Top Treadmills For Homes and gyms

4.36 | 11
2.5 HP Incline Motorized Treadmill w/ Wifi & Bluetooth
OMR 492.98
Save: 36%
OMR 313.95
313.95 OMR

Welcome to the realm of Olympia  Fitness, where we integrate technology with health, propelling your fitness journey into the future. Our 2.5 HP Incline Motorized Treadmill with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth is...

2HP Motorized Treadmill
OMR 200.55
Save: 15%
OMR 170.47
170.46800000000002 OMR

Running surface: 1230*420mm Motor: DC 2.0HP Speed: 1.0-14km/h Max user weight:110kgs Run Board/Belt Thickness:16mm/1.6mm Program:P1-P12 Other function:MP3,Speaker,Bluetooth...

4.67 | 9
Semi-Commercial Treadmill
OMR 615.56
Save: 51%
OMR 304.50
304.5 OMR

A new era of fitness is upon us, and Olympia Oma Fitness is leading the charge with our Semi-Commercial Treadmill. This high-performance machine is designed to bring the rigors and benefits of gym-g...

5.0 | 1
GINTELL SmarTrek Motorized Treadmill
OMR 169.31
Save: 32%
OMR 115.39
115.395 OMR

Discover Your Ultimate Home Gym Companion: The FT400 GINTELL SmarTrek Motorized Treadmill By Olympia. Imagine a home gym essential that combines the perfect balance of power, convenience, and functio...

4.71 | 7
Olympia 2.0HP Inclined Motorized Treadmill
OMR 212.73
Save: 16%
OMR 178.40
178.395 OMR

Begin your fitness odyssey with the heart of the Olympia 2.0HP Inclined Motorized Treadmill - its potent 2.0HP DC motor. Engineered for consistent and robust performance, this powerhouse can drive t...

5.0 | 1
1277 DC 2.0HP Motorized Treadmill
OMR 191.10
Save: 23%
OMR 146.90
146.895 OMR

The 2HP motor gives you an unparalleled experience. With the help of this powerful motor, we have increased the top speed of the treadmill to 15km/h and its noise is in the acceptable range. so you ...

4.4 | 5
3HP DC Inclined Motorized Treadmill
OMR 418.95
Save: 20%
OMR 334.95
334.95 OMR

In an era where health and wellness take center stage, having a dependable workout partner can make all the difference. Enter the 3HP DC Inclined Motorized Treadmill—a fusion of cutting-edge technol...

4.86 | 7
2HP Olympia Motorized Treadmill
OMR 161.59
Save: 7%
OMR 149.90
149.9 OMR

When it comes to achieving fitness goals, there's no room for compromise. That's why you need the 2HP Olympia Motorized Treadmill, power-packed gym equipment meticulously designed to elevate your ho...

4.83 | 6
AC3170 Commercial Treadmill
OMR 2193.45
Save: 14%
OMR 1886.37
1886.367 OMR

We live in an era of innovation, where the boundaries of technology and human potential are constantly being expanded. In the realm of fitness, one treadmill has emerged to embody this spirit of ad...

4.29 | 7
3.0HP Motorized Treadmill
OMR 509.25
Save: 22%
OMR 396.80
396.795 OMR

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just a fad, it's a commitment. And for that commitment to yield tangible results, you need a reliable partner. Meet the 3.0HP Motorized Treadmill – a machine that e...

4.56 | 9
2HP Massager Motorized Treadmill
OMR 216.83
Save: 27%
OMR 157.40
157.395 OMR

Revolutionizing the fitness landscape, the 2HP Massager Motorized Treadmill from Olympia brings a refreshing twist to your traditional treadmill. This dual-function fitness tool goes beyond providin...

4.8 | 5
3.0HP DC Massager Motorized Treadmill
OMR 294.00
Save: 15%
OMR 249.90
249.9 OMR

Unveiling a new realm of exercise with the cutting-edge 3.0HP DC Massager Motorized Treadmill from Olympia, designed to deliver an outstanding fitness experience right at your home. This ingenious...

4.67 | 9
2.0HP DC Motorized Treadmill w/ Massager
OMR 240.19
Save: 15%
OMR 204.16
204.16 OMR

Running surface:1230*420mm                Motor:  DC 2.0HP                Speed: 1.0-14km/h                Max user weight: 110kgs                Run Board/Belt Thickness:    16mm/1.6mm              ...

Etite-1001 Massager M/ Treadmill
OMR 236.25
Save: 20%
OMR 188.90
188.895 OMR

Features: 1. Running surface: 1230*420mm 2. Motor : DC 2.0HP 3. Speed: 1.0-14km/h 4. Max user weight:110kgs 5.Run Board/Belt Thickness:16mm/1.6mm 6.Program:P1-P12 7.Other fun...

4.67 | 3
5HP Inclined Motorized Treadmill
OMR 739.94
Save: 15%
OMR 628.95
628.95 OMR

Packaging: 2270x940x435mm Product Dimensions - Use: 2080x1330x850mm Gross weight: 190KG Net weight: 170KG Engine type: DC Motor power: 5.0 HP Ventilation: Yes Tension: 230V Noise development: below ...

5.0 | 1
Motorized Treadmill 1.5 HP
OMR 163.35
Save: 15%
OMR 138.85
138.847 OMR

1. Running surface:1210*410mm 2. Motor : DC 1.5HP 3. Speed: 1.0-12km/h 4. Max user weight: 100kgs 5. Run Board/Belt Thickness: 12mm/1.4mm 6. Program P1-P12 7. Other function f...

3.5HP Incline Motorized Treadmill
OMR 436.80
Save: 4%
OMR 418.95
418.95 OMR

Boasting a 80x160mm blue bright dot matrix with 5 LED window display to easily track your workout progress and select from one of  the 1 manual + 10 pre-set programmes, the JX-690S Treadmill provide...

4.6 | 10
2HP Motorized Treadmill
OMR 328.55
Save: 30%
OMR 229.95
229.95000000000002 OMR

 The 1298 Treadmill can be folded and moved easily thanks to its wheels. Excellent for saving space in your home gym. The treadmill's 2HP motor allows it to reach a max speed of 15km/h. The in-built...

4.8 | 5
High-Tech AC Motorized Treadmill
OMR 1153.95
Save: 15%
OMR 980.86
980.8580000000001 OMR

The 1360 treadmill is developed for advanced runners. It has a 2.5HP motor which allows the 25mm commercial grade belt to get up to a max speed of 20km/h. It can be set to an incline of up to 20%. ...

4.83 | 6
4HP DC Semi Commercial Treadmill
OMR 467.25
Save: 20%
OMR 373.80
373.8 OMR

MotorPower ( Peak / Continue ): 4 H.P/ DC Motor Maximum User Weight: 150 kg Computer monitors: Speed, Distance, Time, Calorie, incline and Pulse Maximum Speed:  20km/h Max Electrical incline 0-...

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