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Brand: Live Pro

Model: LS2251

LP8067 Weight Lifting Belt
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The leather training belt stabilizes the torso muscles during heavy dead lifts or squats. It supports a safe training without overstraining the important support muscles.


1. Brand: Livepro
2. Color: Black
3. Weight: 500/650g
4. Size: 105x(6.5-11)cm;130x(6.5-13)cm

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    Weightlifting Belt

    Elevate Your Training with the Livepro LP8067 Weight Lifting Belt


    Embark on a journey of strength and endurance with the Livepro LP8067 Weight Lifting Belt. Tailored for serious fitness enthusiasts, this belt combines comfort, functionality, and durability, supporting you as you push beyond your limits. 

    Discover how the LP8067 can transform your training sessions and help you achieve your lifting goals with unparalleled support.

    Detailed Overview and Specifications

    Craftsmanship and Materials

    The LP8067 is meticulously crafted from premium cowhide leather, renowned for its robustness and longevity. This high-quality material ensures the belt can withstand the rigors of intense training sessions, making it a staple in your fitness gear for years to come.

    • Material: Cowhide leather enhanced with steel components
    • Color: Sleek black, suitable for all gym attire

    Design and Comfort

    Designed with the athlete in mind, the LP8067 features a waist protector lined with cotton padding. This design not only ensures comfort during heavy lifts but also conforms naturally to your body’s shape, providing critical support to the spine and core muscles.

    • Waist Cotton Design: 30 x 7 x 2 cm padding for optimal comfort
    • Inner Lining: Suede material for a non-slip grip against clothing

    Safety and Durability

    Safety is paramount in weight training. The LP8067 boasts a double claw buckle system, providing double insurance that the belt will stay securely fastened, even during the most strenuous lifts.

    • Buckle: Double claw for enhanced safety
    • Stitching: Reinforced with double white nylon thick threads for extra strength

    Functional Specifications

    • Weight: Available in 500g and 650g options
    • Sizes: Medium (105x6.5-11 cm), Large (130x6.5-13 cm)
    • Logo: Discreetly engraved to avoid wear and tear
    • Warranty: 6 months full commercial warranty against damage

    Key Benefits

    Enhanced Training Performance

    The LP8067 is not just a support tool; it’s an enhancement to your training regimen. Stabilizing your core, it allows you to lift more weight safely, reducing the risk of injury and enabling you to focus on form and technique.

    Versatility Across Disciplines

    Whether you’re a powerlifter, bodybuilder, or a cross-training athlete, the LP8067 adapts to your needs. It’s suitable for a variety of exercises from deadlifts to squats, and even overhead presses, making it a versatile addition to any fitness regimen.

    Comfort Without Compromise

    Despite its robust build, the LP8067 does not compromise on comfort. The inner suede lining prevents the belt from shifting during lifts, while the waist cotton ensures it remains comfortable, even under pressure.

    Training Tips and Best Practices

    To maximize the benefits of the Livepro LP8067, it’s important to wear it correctly. The belt should be tight enough to provide substantial support but not so tight that it restricts breathing or movement. Position the belt just above the hips, ensuring it covers the abdominal area and lower back.

    Integrating Cardio Fitness

    While strength training is crucial, incorporating Cardio Fitness exercises can significantly enhance your overall health and endurance. Pairing the LP8067 with a balanced cardio routine will not only improve your lifting efficiency but also boost your stamina and recovery.

    Technical Parameters


    Product Features

    1.High-quality cowhid

    High-quality cowhide material has breathable,sweat-absorbent, moisture-resistant function, etc., which is durable and wearable.

    2.Waist cotton design

    There is 30 x 7 x 2cm waist cotton design in the waist, which perfectly fits the body, so that the waist feel comfortable.

    3.Inner suede

    The inner side of the waistband is made of suede, which fits tightly with the clothes and is not easy to slip.

    4.Double claw buckle

    It is designed with double claw buckle with double insurance.

    5.Reinforced stitching

    Double rows of thick nylon stitching strengthen the belt.

    6.Logo and warranty

    Logo engraved in center of the belt, will not wear out with a 6-month of full commercial warranty against damage.


    Choosing the right weight-lifting belt is crucial, and the Livepro LP8067 stands out as a superior choice. With its high-quality materials, thoughtful design, and robust construction, it’s built to support both your immediate performance and long-term training goals.

    Invest in the Livepro LP8067 Weight Lifting Belt today, and transform your training experience. Remember, every lift counts when you’re equipped with the best. Elevate your fitness journey with Livepro—where durability meets functionality.

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