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Live Up Ankle-Support LS5782

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Brand: Live Up

Model: LS2251

Live Up Ankle-Support LS5782
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Liveup LS5782 ankle band is one of the necessary products for you in the process of training.

This sports anklet offers support to your ankle to protect it from damage during training and, ideal for resuming sports after a sprain or trauma to the ankle.

Used to protect and fix the heel joint to protect the ankle and ankle to avoid sprains and injuries that may occur when training and playing sports during movement and sports.

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    Live Up Ankle-Support LS5782

    OMR 3.15
    Save: 15%
    OMR 2.68

    Maximize Your Athletic Performance with Live Up Ankle-Support LS5782


    Whether you're an athlete pushing the limits in training or someone recovering from an ankle injury, the Live Up Ankle-Support LS5782 is an all-time indispensable. Designed to provide superior ankle support, this ankle band offers both protection and enhanced recovery, making it ideal for anyone engaging in high-impact or physically demanding activities.

    Unmatched Support and Protection

    The Live Up LS5782 Ankle-Support is meticulously engineered to provide the utmost support and stabilization to the ankle during vigorous activities. Securing the heel joint and ankle, prevents sprains and injuries that are common in sports and training movements. This protective gear is essential not just for high-performance athletes but for anyone looking to safeguard their movements during physical activities.

    Advanced Design and Material

    • Material Composition: Made of a soft polyester blend that includes 35% nylon and 65% elastic rubber, the LS5782 Ankle-Support is built for durability and comfort. The materials are chosen for their high absorbency and flexibility, ensuring that the ankle remains dry and comfortable throughout all levels of exertion.
    • Elasticity and Comfort: The unique fabric combination allows for excellent elasticity, which conforms to the shape of the ankle without constricting blood flow or restricting movement. This ensures full motion range while providing the necessary support where it matters most.

    Features That Stand Out

    • Effective Injury Prevention: The ankle support is designed to protect against common sports injuries by providing stabilization to the ankle area. It's especially beneficial for activities that require sudden changes in direction or intense physical engagement.
    • Enhanced Recovery : For athletes recovering from sprays or trauma, the LS5782 accelerates the healing process by maintaining alignment and reducing stress on the affected area.
    • Optimal Fit: Available in sizes ranging from SM (20.3 – 31.1 cm) to L-XL (31.7 – 40 cm), it ensures a snug and secure fit for all users.

    Ideal for a variety of sports

    The versatility of the Live Up LS5782 makes it perfect for a range of sports and activities. From football players who experience frequent ankle strain to gym enthusiasts engaging in complex movements, this ankle support helps maintain peak performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

    Easy to Use

    This ankle support is designed for user-friendliness. It slips on easily, stays securely in place during exercise, and provides the right level of compression to support but not hinder your movement. Its high-quality material blend also means it holds up well against wear and tear, even with regular use.

    How the Live Up Ankle-Support LS5782 Helps

    Supports Muscle Function: By reducing muscle vibrations, the ankle support helps muscles operate more efficiently, which can decrease fatigue and increase performance.

    Maintains Ankle Stability: It provides essential support that helps prevent lateral and medial movement that could lead to injury.

    Where to Buy

    Take the step towards enhanced athletic performance and protection by choosing the Live Up LS5782 Ankle-Support. Available now at Olympiasouq , your trusted source for Cardio  Equipment and strengthaccessories . Equip yourself with the best in class support to keep your training on track.


    With its advanced features and robust construction, the Live Up LS5782 Ankle-Support is more than just a protective accessory; It's a vital part of any athlete's gear. By integrating this ankle support into your fitness routine, you're not just preparing to prevent injury—you're enhancing your overall performance and ensuring that your body can meet the demands of your spirit. Whether you're recovering from an injury or looking to prevent one, the Live Up LS5782 provides the support and confidence needed to perform at your best.

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