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2HP Motorized Incline Treadmill

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Model: LS3222-55CM

2HP Motorized Incline Treadmill
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High Performance Motorized treadmill with an 5,5 HP engine, maximum speed of 22 km/h, inclination of 15% and running surface ´´XL´´ of 147x50 cm.

Connection compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The FYTTER RUNNER RU-10XR is atreadmill for demanding and powerful users with a speed of 22 km/h, an 5.5 CV (peak ) engine, large running surface with 147x50 cm, which will help optimize your workouts.

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    2HP Motorized Incline Treadmill

    OMR 333.41
    Save: 23%
    OMR 258.19

    Revolutionize Your Home Gym with the FYTTER RUNNER RU-10XR: A Comprehensive Guide


    Welcome to the next level of home fitness! The FYTTER RUNNER RU-10XR Motorized Incline Treadmill is not just a machine; it's a gateway to achieving your fitness dreams. Designed for those who demand excellence and performance, this treadmill combines cutting-edge technology with robust engineering to offer an unparalleled workout experience.

    Unveiling the Powerhouse

    • Unmatched Motor Efficiency: The heart of the FYTTER RUNNER RU-10XR is its potent 5.5 HP engine. This high-performance motor is the cornerstone of its capability, offering a maximum speed of 22 km/h. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness newbie, this treadmill caters to every speed requirement with ease and efficiency.
    • Incline to Challenge: The incline feature of this treadmill is a game-changer. With a 15% inclination capability, it offers a rigorous workout that simulates hill running, enhancing muscle engagement and boosting cardiovascular health.

    Design and Comfort

    • Spacious Running Surface: The 'XL' running surface of 147x50 cm is a standout feature. This generous space ensures comfort and safety, allowing for a natural running stride without the fear of running out of track.
    • Durability and Safety: Built to last, the treadmill's 1.6 mm orthopedic band is both anti-static and abrasion-resistant. The non-slip side footrests offer additional safety, making it ideal for users at any fitness level.

    Smart Connectivity and Entertainment

    • Seamless Device Integration: In today's digital age, staying connected is crucial. The FYTTER RUNNER RU-10XR rises to the occasion with its iOS and Android compatibility. This feature not only allows for easy tracking of your fitness journey but also transforms your workout sessions into an enjoyable experience.
    • Entertainment Options: The USB charger, MP3 connection, and Bluetooth capability mean you can enjoy your favorite tunes or podcasts while working out, making exercise a pleasure, not a chore.

    User Interface and Features

    • Advanced LCD Display: The 7-inch backlit LCD is your command center. It shows vital workout statistics like time, distance, calories, pulse, and more, helping you stay on track with your fitness goals.
    • Variety of Programmes: With 87 different programs, boredom is not an option. These pre-set and customizable options keep your workouts diverse and engaging, catering to all your fitness moods and needs.

    Safety, Storage, and Convenience

    • Effortless Storage and Mobility: The treadmill's easy folding system and transport wheels make it a perfect fit for home use, ensuring convenience in storage and mobility.
    • Advanced Safety Features: Your safety is paramount. The treadmill’s security key system is designed to provide an immediate stop in case of any emergency, giving you peace of mind during your workouts.

    Comprehensive Product Specifications

    • Motor: 5.5 HP (peak), 2.5 CV (continuous)
    • Speed Range: 1 to 22 km/h with quick access buttons
    • Incline Levels: 0 to 15%, with quick adjustment buttons
    • Running Surface: 'XL' size, 147x50 cm with 1.6 mm orthopedic band
    • Connectivity: Compatible with iOS and Android, USB charger, MP3 connection, Bluetooth
    • Display: 7-inch backlit LCD
    • Programs: 87 total (1 Manual, 80 Pre-set, 5 Customizable, 1 BodyFat Measuring)
    • Pulse Measurement: Integrated sensors in handlebars
    • Dimensions (unfolded): 201x80x150 cm; (folded): 131x80x162 cm
    • Maximum User Weight: 150 kg
    • Level of Use: Intensive


    The FYTTER RUNNER RU-10XR is more than just a treadmill; it's a comprehensive fitness solution for the modern home. Whether you're aiming to lose weight, build stamina, or simply stay active, this treadmill is equipped to meet all your needs. Embrace the future of home fitness today and step into a world where performance, technology, and comfort converge to create the ultimate workout experience.

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