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Etite-1001 Massager M/ Treadmill

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Brand: Olympia

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Etite-1001 Massager M/ Treadmill
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1. Running surface: 1230*420mm
2. Motor : DC 2.0HP
3. Speed: 1.0-14km/h
4. Max user weight:110kgs
5.Run Board/Belt Thickness:16mm/1.6mm
7.Other function:MP3,Speaker,Bluetooth APP,Easy-self lubrication, with massager

N/W.G.W 53kgs/63kgs
Packing Size 1640*740*325mm
Expand Size 1750*1350*750

OMR 236.25
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    Etite-1001 Massager M/ Treadmill

    OMR 236.25
    Save: 20%
    OMR 188.90

    Elite-1001 Massager M/Treadmill: The Ultimate Fitness Companion for Your Home


    In a world where health and wellness are paramount, the Elite-1001 Massager M/Treadmill emerges as a beacon of innovation. It's not just a fitness machine; it's a comprehensive wellness solution, ingeniously designed to cater to your exercise and relaxation needs.

    Elevate Your Fitness Game

    The Elite-1001 is engineered for those who seek efficiency and convenience in their fitness routine. Its multifaceted features cater to a variety of workout styles, making it an ideal choice for families, fitness enthusiasts, and busy professionals alike.

    In-Depth Look at Elite-1001's Features

    Spacious Running Surface:

    • Dimensions: 1230*420mm
    • The generous running surface accommodates all users, ensuring comfort and safety during intense workouts or leisurely walks.

    Powerful and Reliable Motor:

    • Type: DC 2.0HP
    • The heart of the Elite-1001, this robust motor guarantees a smooth and consistent exercise experience, befitting all fitness levels.

    Speed for Every Fitness Ambition:

    • Range: 1.0-14km/h
    • Whether it's a light jog or a sprint, the speed variability caters to all your workout moods and goals.

    Accommodating Weight Capacity:

    • Maximum User Weight: 110kgs
    • The sturdy build supports a wide range of users, ensuring reliability and safety.

    Optimized Run Board and Belt:

    • Thickness: 16mm/1.6mm
    • Prioritizing your comfort and the machine's durability, this feature guarantees a smooth and secure running experience.

    Diverse Workout Programs:

    • Programs: P1-P12
    • Tailor your workouts with pre-set programs designed to meet various fitness objectives, from weight loss to endurance training.

    Additional Features for a Holistic Experience:

    • Indulge in the convenience of MP3 and Speaker integration, stay connected with the Bluetooth APP, maintain your treadmill effortlessly with Easy-self lubrication, and enjoy the unique addition of a built-in massager.

    Specifications and Measurements

    • Net/Gross Weight: 53kgs/63kgs
    • Packing Size: 1640740325mm
    • Expand Size: 17501350750mm
    • These specifications ensure that while the Elite-1001 is solid and durable, it is also space-efficient and easy to manage in your home.

    Why the Elite-1001 Stands Out

    1. A Fusion of Fitness and Technology:

    • The Elite-1001 is a testament to how technology can enhance our fitness routines, offering features that cater to modern lifestyles and diverse fitness goals.

    2. Designed for Every Fitness Enthusiast:

    • From beginners to fitness veterans, the Elite-1001's user-friendly interface and adjustable settings make it the ideal workout partner for everyone.

    3. Space-Saving and Convenient:

    • Its foldable design and manageable size make it a perfect fit for any home, ensuring that your living space remains both stylish and functional.

    4. Quality and Durability Guaranteed:

    • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Elite-1001 is built to last, promising years of reliable service and top-notch performance.

    Diving Deeper into the Elite-1001 Experience

    A. Customizable Workouts at Your Fingertips:

    With the Elite-1001, you have control over your fitness routine. Adjust the speed, choose a program, and set your incline to match your workout needs.

    B. Entertainment and Connectivity:

    Stay entertained and motivated with the integrated MP3 player and speaker system. The Bluetooth APP connectivity ensures you can track your progress seamlessly.

    C. Post-Workout Relaxation:

    Unique to the Elite-1001, the integrated massager offers a relaxing end to your workout, aiding in muscle recovery and stress relief.

    Conclusion: A Step Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

    The Elite-1001 Massager M/Treadmill is more than just fitness equipment; it's a lifestyle choice for those who value health, convenience, and technology. With its advanced features, ergonomic design, and focus on user experience, it's an investment in your health and well-being.

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