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Dexterity Counters Livepro (4 pcs.)

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Brand: Live Pro

Model: LS2251

Dexterity Counters Livepro (4 pcs.)
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The agility cone is a key equipment to train agility and speed. With good equipment, comes more effective training.

The Livepro agility cone is made out of soft, high strength, and durable materials. These materials will not break even when stepped on and do not cause damage to athletes.

It has a wide 21cm square base design that allows it to achieve better balance and stability. The agility cone is an indispensable tool for agile training.

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    Elevate Your Training Game with Livepro Agility Cones: The Ultimate Tool for Athletes and Trainers


    In the quest for athletic excellence, agility, and speed stand as crucial elements that separate the good from the great. Recognizing this, the Dexterity Counters Livepro (4 pcs.) emerges as a game-changer in the world of sports training. Whether you're aiming to break records or simply improve your physical capabilities, these agility cones are your gateway to achieving remarkable agility and speed.

    Why Agility Matters:

    Agility is the ability to move quickly and change direction with ease. In sports, it's the key to outmaneuvering opponents, enhancing performance, and reducing the risk of injury. The Livepro agility cones are designed not just as equipment, but as a catalyst to refine these essential skills.

    Product Deep Dive:

    Innovative Design for Maximum Efficiency:

    • Sturdy Yet Safe: Constructed from soft, high-strength materials, these cones resist damage even when stepped on, ensuring they remain integral to your training for years to come.
    • Stable and Reliable: The 21cm square base provides unmatched stability, ensuring the cones stay upright during the most intense training sessions.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Dimensions: Each cone measures 20.4 cm in length and width, with a height of 23.5 cm, offering the perfect size for various agility drills.
    • Set Composition: The set includes four cones - two in sleek black and two in vibrant blue, enhancing visibility and training versatility.
    • Material: High-quality, durable materials that withstand rigorous training sessions.
    • Weight: Lightweight design for easy portability, yet stable enough to stay in place during workouts.

    The Livepro Advantage:

    1. Versatility in Training:

    The agility cones can be utilized in numerous ways, from simple drills to complex training circuits. They are perfect for athletes in football, basketball, soccer, track and field, and more.

    2. Customizable Workouts:

    Whether it's improving footwork, enhancing coordination, or increasing reaction time, these cones adapt to your training needs.

    3. Easy Storage and Portability:

    The foldable design of the cones makes them incredibly easy to store and transport, ensuring your training setup is as mobile as you are.

    Training with Livepro Cones: A Guide

    1. Speed Drills:

    Use the cones to set up sprinting courses, enhancing your acceleration and speed.

    2. Agility Circuits:

    Create a series of drills that focus on rapid directional changes, crucial for sports like soccer and basketball.

    3. Coordination and Balance:

    Set up obstacle courses that challenge your balance and coordination, vital for sports performance and injury prevention.

    Safety First:

    The construction of the cones prioritizes athlete safety. The soft materials reduce the risk of injury, making them ideal for use in schools, sports clubs, and home gyms.


    A Step Towards Athletic Greatness:

    The Dexterity Counters Livepro agility cones are more than just training equipment; they're a step towards achieving your athletic dreams. They embody durability, versatility, and practicality, making them a must-have for anyone serious about improving their agility and speed.

    Make the Leap Today:

    Embrace the journey towards improved agility and speed. Shop now for the Livepro agility cones and enjoy free shipping on orders above OMR 10. For any queries, reach out to us 24/7 on WhatsApp at 92854696.

    Elevate your athletic training with Livepro agility cones. Your path to agility mastery begins here!

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