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Live Up Reaction Ball

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Live Up Reaction Ball
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Work your reflexes and your agility, your coordination and your reaction time in a fun way with LiveUp LS3005 Reaction Ball. It is super useful for multiple sports in agility training.

Made of rubber, when it is hurled it travels in unforeseen directions, thus giving rise to the reflexes.

Use it individually against a wall or with your team.

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    The Reaction Ball is a tool used within agility training that incorporates the idea of having fun while engraining in proper technique, improved hand eye coordination, agility, and reaction time. Mastering the basics, sets you up for success in your sports career, which is exactly what the Reaction Ball is intended to do.

    The six-sided ball can be rebounded independently or can be used with a pair or small group during drills off of any hard surfaces such as, grass, turf, dirt, and walls. Upon landing, the multi-sport training ball will bounce in an unpredictable manner and with repetition, these movements will improve your speed, coordination and reaction time for your specific sport.

    DURABLE: Made of 100% rubber, this ball is tough and can take all the abuse you give it without denting or falling apart.
    Develops quick feet, rapid change of direction and sharp hand-eye coordination.
    Six-sided high-bounce rubber design causes the ball to leap and hop randomly.
    Designed for solo use on hard surfaces, against walls or in a team setting.
    Sharpens depth perception while making training fun and effective.
    Great training tool for all sports.


    This multi directional tool helps to improve hand eye coordination, agility, and reaction time. It’s a great piece of equipment that can be useful for a variety of sports. Adds variety to your workouts and will test your balance and stability.


    The Reaction Ball will allow you to master the basics: quick feet, rapid change of direction, and sharp hand-eye coordination. The reaction ball is a multi-sport tool aimed at developing these basics while also presenting a fun challenge.


    The  Reaction Ball is a tool with an endless amount of exercises and possibilities. Watch our videos to see how to get the most out of your Reaction Ball.

    With the help of the ball, you can develop:

    motor skills
    visual-motor response

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