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Mats Rack with Wheels

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Brand: Live Pro

Model: LS3222-55CM

Mats Rack with Wheels
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Mats with existing eyelets can be stored on the LIVEPRO mats rack. The hangers are compatible and changeable in width, which makes it possible to store any type of mat, but only uniformly and not differently.

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    Streamline Your Space: The Ultimate Guide to the LIVEPRO Mats Rack with Wheels


    Welcome to a new chapter in gym organization with the LIVEPRO Mats Rack with Wheels. This guide delves deep into the features, benefits, and practical applications of this innovative storage solution, designed to bring efficiency and style to your fitness space. Whether you're a gym owner, a yoga studio manager, or a home fitness enthusiast, the LIVEPRO Mats Rack is set to transform how you store and access your exercise mats.

    Discovering the LIVEPRO Mats Rack with Wheels

    A Fusion of Design and Functionality

    • Versatile and Adaptable: The LIVEPRO Mats Rack stands out for its ability to store various types of mats with existing eyelets, thanks to its compatible and adjustable hangers.
    • High Storage Capacity: Designed to hold 30 to 40 mats depending on their thickness, this rack is a space-efficient solution, perfect for environments where space is at a premium.

    Ease of Movement and Aesthetic Appeal

    • Smooth Mobility: Equipped with four rollers, the rack offers unmatched convenience, allowing you to move it effortlessly to any desired location in your gym or workout area.
    • Sleek Design: Sporting a powder-coated square steel frame in an elegant black color, the LIVEPRO Mats Rack adds a touch of modern sophistication to any fitness setting.

    In-Depth Specifications of the LIVEPRO Mats Rack

    What Sets the LIVEPRO Mats Rack Apart

    • Material: High-quality, powder-coated square steel for durability and style.
    • Dimensions: Length: 74.0 cm, Width: 74.0 cm, Height: 207.0 cm - a compact yet capacious design.
    • Weight: Lightweight at 15.0 kg for easy maneuverability.
    • Color and Style: A classic black finish to complement any gym décor.
    • Assembly: User-friendly assembly process, delivered without mats.

    Why the LIVEPRO Mats Rack Is a Game-Changer in Gym Organization

    Ideal for Diverse Fitness Environments

    • Professional Gyms and Studios: Enhance the functionality and appearance of your professional workout space.
    • Home Fitness Areas: Perfect for home gyms, providing an efficient way to store mats and keep your workout area clutter-free.

    Advanced Features for Optimal Storage and Accessibility

    • Customizable Storage: The adjustable hangers accommodate various mat sizes, ensuring a perfect fit and easy access.
    • Space-Saving Design: Its ability to store a significant number of mats in a compact area makes it an invaluable asset for optimizing gym space.

    Maximizing Your Space with the LIVEPRO Mats Rack

    Integrating the Rack into Your Fitness Regime

    • Organizational Excellence: Discover how to effectively use the LIVEPRO Mats Rack to streamline your workout area and enhance accessibility.
    • Styling Your Space: Learn how the rack's sleek design can complement and elevate the aesthetics of your fitness environment.

    Real-Life Applications: Transforming Fitness Spaces with the LIVEPRO Mats Rack

    User Experiences and Professional Insights

    • Customer Stories: Read firsthand accounts of how the LIVEPRO Mats Rack has revolutionized organization in various fitness settings.
    • Expert Opinions: Gain insights from fitness professionals on the practicality and efficiency of this innovative storage solution.

    Acquire Your LIVEPRO Mats Rack Now

    Seamless Shopping Experience

    • Order with Ease: Elevate your fitness space today with the LIVEPRO Mats Rack. Benefit from free shipping on orders above OMR 10 and access round-the-clock support via WhatsApp at 92854696.


    The LIVEPRO Mats Rack with Wheels is an essential component for anyone looking to enhance their fitness environment. Its combination of sleek design, high capacity, and easy maneuverability makes it a standout choice for gyms, studios, and home workout areas alike. By choosing the LIVEPRO Mats Rack, you're not just organizing your space; you're investing in a solution that brings efficiency, style, and ease to your fitness journey.

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