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Live Pro Narrow Toe - Out Grip

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Brand: Live Pro

Model: LS2251

Live Pro Narrow Toe - Out Grip
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Narrow Toe-out Grip is used with other equipment and gears for power workout. The main component is iron core, the exterior part is cladded with high-grade black PVC, which is durable, sturdy and resistant to corrosion and rusting. With PVC coating, it feels with texture quality and protected against peeling and breakage, which is sturdy and wear-resistant.

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    Live Pro Narrow Toe - Out Grip

    OMR 15.64
    Save: 15%
    OMR 13.30



    Revolutionize Your Training with Live Pro Narrow Toe-Out Grip

    Elevate your fitness regime with the cutting-edge Live Pro Narrow Toe-Out Grip, a quintessential tool designed to enhance your strength training and power workouts. This premium accessory is meticulously engineered to augment your exercise equipment arsenal, providing unparalleled durability, ergonomics, and versatility. 

    Whether you're setting up a new home gym, upgrading school fitness facilities, or enhancing a commercial gym environment, the Live Pro Narrow Toe-Out Grip is tailored to meet the diverse needs of all fitness enthusiasts.

    Premier Construction for Optimal Performance

    High-Quality Material

    At the core of the Live Pro Narrow Toe-Out Grip is a robust iron foundation, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to wear. This solid iron core is expertly clad in premium black PVC, which not only adds a layer of protection against corrosion and rusting but also offers a sleek, modern look that stands out in any gym setting.

    Enhanced Durability Features:

    PVC Coating: The high-grade black PVC coating is carefully applied to provide a textured, comfortable grip while protecting the iron core from environmental elements, peeling, and breakage.

    Stainless Steel Ring: Each grip is equipped with a custom-made stainless steel ring at the hang hole, ensuring it can be securely attached to a variety of gym equipment without the risk of rust or degradation.

    Comfort and Ergonomics

    Understanding the importance of comfort in training accessories, the Narrow Toe-Out Grip features a diameter of 24mm, designed to accommodate a variety of hand sizes. This optimal sizing ensures that users can maintain a firm, comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing the overall workout experience.

    Comprehensive Technical Specifications

    • Brand: Livepro
    • Color: Black + Blue
    • Material: PVC with an iron core
    • Weight: 2.65 kg

    Overall Dimensions:

    • Length: 27.5 cm
    • Width: 12 cm
    • Height: 17.5 cm

    Handle Specifications:

    • Length: 11 cm
    • Diameter: 24 mm

    Key Product Features

    • Robust Material Composition: Built to last with an iron core and protective PVC cladding.
    • Secure Attachment: Stainless steel rings enhance durability and facilitate easy coupling with external facilities.
    • Ergonomic Grip Design: Ensures a comfortable grip to maximize workout effectiveness and safety.
    • Aesthetic and Functional Logo: Livepro's logo is strategically imprinted to resist wear, backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty.
    • Adaptability for Various Training Environments: Perfectly suited for gym, school, and home fitness setups, enhancing the utility and versatility of power workout stations.

    Versatility in Application

    The Live Pro Narrow Toe-Out Grip excels in various training scenarios:

    • Weight Training: Enhance your free-weight exercises by incorporating these grips for added stability and performance.
    • Functional Training: Utilize the grips in dynamic movement exercises to improve grip strength and overall muscle endurance.
    • Rehabilitation and Strength Building: Ideal for users recovering from injury or looking to build strength safely with controlled movements.

    Why Invest in Live Pro Narrow Toe-Out Grip?

    Advantages for Users:

    • Enhanced Safety: Minimizes the risk of slips and accidents with its superior grip quality.
    • Increased Exercise Efficiency: Allows for more targeted muscle engagement and effective strength training.
    • Long-Term Investment: Durable materials ensure that the grip withstands rigorous usage over time, providing excellent value for money.

    Technical Parameters

    Colorblack + blue
    MaterialPVC+ iron core
    The handle length11cm
    The grip diameter24mm

    Product Features

    1.High-grade material

    The main component is iron core, the exterior part is cladded with high-grade black PVC, which is durable, sturdy and resistant to corrosion and rusting.

    2.Stainless steel ring

    Customized stainless steel rings at the hang hole are coupled to the external facility, which are sturdy, durable and rust-resistant.

    3.Comfortable grip

    All grips of appropriate size are comfortable when gripped.

    4.Logo and warranty

    The logo is imprinted on grips, shielded from wear, covered by 1-year comprehensive commercial warranty, free from any damage.

    5.Various scenes

    This product is used with facility for power workout and is well-tailored for gym/school/home fitness.

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    Ready to Upgrade Your Fitness Experience?

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your workout sessions. Purchase the Live Pro Narrow Toe-Out Grip today and benefit from free shipping on orders over OMR 10. With 24/7 support available via WhatsApp: 92854696, you can ensure you're making the right choice for your fitness needs.

    Step up your game, enhance your equipment durability, and experience the difference in training efficiency with Live Pro. Ideal for those who demand the best, the Narrow Toe-Out Grip is your partner in achieving peak physical performance. Order now and take your training to new heights!

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