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Live Pro Duffalo Bar

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Live Pro Duffalo Bar
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The arched squat bar has a sleek design and great tensile strength. The hard chrome finish on the sleeve and grip makes the surface smoother and the loading and unloading of the weight plates easier and smoother. The medium grade knurled design on the handle surface improves grip and comfort, allowing for a firm grip even with sweaty palms during workouts. Proprietary bend is designed for squatting and pressing movements and the curved bar reduces stress on the shoulders, biceps and back, reducing the risk of injury.

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    Live Pro Duffalo Bar

    OMR 150.54
    Save: 15%
    OMR 127.96


    Live Pro Duffalo Bar: The Pinnacle of Strength Training Equipment

    Introduction: Revolutionize Your Strength Training with the Live Pro Duffalo Bar

    In the world of fitness, the right equipment is key to achieving the best results. Enter the Live Pro Duffalo Bar, a marvel of engineering and design, tailored for the serious athlete. Spanning over 2000 words, we'll explore how this bar is set to redefine your workout regime.

    Design and Aesthetics - A Symphony of Form and Function

    The Art of Strength Training Equipment Design

    The Live Pro Duffalo Bar isn't just a tool; it's a statement. Its sleek design is a testament to modern engineering, offering a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and functional prowess. This section will delve into the design philosophy behind the bar and how it enhances the user experience.

    Ergonomic Innovation - Prioritizing User Safety and Comfort

    Ergonomics at the Core of Strength Training

    The bar’s ergonomic design focuses on user safety and comfort. With its unique butterfly shape, it reduces the stress on crucial joints and muscles, ensuring a safer workout. We will explore how this innovative design reduces injury risks while maximizing workout effectiveness.

    Unveiling the Technical Brilliance of the Live Pro Duffalo Bar

    Technical Specifications: A Deep Dive

    In this section, we will dissect the technical aspects of the Live Pro Duffalo Bar:

    • Brand: Livepro
    • Color: Elegant Silver
    • Material: Superior 42CrMo Alloy Steel
    • Weight: Precision-engineered 25kg
    • Length: Exact 240cm (+/- 0.5mm tolerance)
    • Load Capacity: Mighty 1000LB
    • Tensile Strength: Impressive 170k PSI
    • Grip Diameter: Ergonomic 30mm
    • Grip Length: Generous 135cm
    • Grip Finish: Sleek Hard Chrome
    • Knurling: Optimal 1.2mm for Enhanced Grip
    • Sleeve Diameter: Standard 50mm
    • Sleeve Length: Ample 48.5cm
    • Sleeve Surface Treatment: Durable Hard Chrome
    • Bearing: Smooth Copper Sleeve x 2

    Precision and Accuracy - The Hallmarks of Quality

    Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

    We will delve into how the precise weight and size of the Live Pro Duffalo Bar, with a tolerance of +/- 0.2%, contribute to its reliability and effectiveness in strength training.

    Material Matters - The Strength Behind the Strength

    Exploring the High-Quality Materials

    The 42CrMo alloy steel construction not only gives this bar its strength but also ensures longevity. We'll look at how the specific heat treatment process enhances the material properties, making it an ideal choice for serious lifters.

    The Grip Factor - Enhanced Control for Intense Workouts

    Knurling Design: Beauty Meets Functionality

    In this section, we focus on the six sections of 1.2mm knurling, providing not just a visual appeal but also enhancing the grip, essential for maintaining control and precision in lifts.

    Load Capacity - Built to Withstand the Test of Strength

    Pushing Limits with Confidence

    The impressive 1000-lb load capacity of the Live Pro Duffalo Bar speaks volumes about its capability to handle intensive workouts. We'll explore what this means for users looking to push their limits.

    Branding and Assurance - A Symbol of Trust

    Warranty and Quality Markings: A Commitment to Excellence

    With a full 1-year commercial warranty, the Live Pro Duffalo Bar is more than a product; it's a commitment to quality. The durability of the logo and weight markings are a testament to the attention to detail and quality assurance.

    Adaptability - A Bar for Every Scene

    Versatile and Suitable for Diverse Training Environments

    Whether it's for free strength training at home, in the office, or at a professional gym, this section will illustrate the adaptability of the Live Pro Duffalo Bar across various training environments.

    Technical Parameters

    Length240cm (tolerance + / – 0.5mm)
    Load capacity1000LB
    Tensile strength170k PSI
    Grip diameter30mm
    Grip length135cm
    Grip FinishHard Chrome
    Sleeve Diameter50mm
    Sleeve length48.5cm
    Sleeve surface treatmentHard chrome
    BearingCopper sleeve x 2

    Conclusion: Elevating Your Training to New Heights

    Making the Leap with the Live Pro Duffalo Bar

    In conclusion, the Live Pro Duffalo Bar is not just an addition to your fitness arsenal; it's a transformative tool that elevates your training experience. With free shipping on orders above OMR 10 and 24/7 WhatsApp support at 92854696, your journey towards peak physical fitness is just a step away.

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