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Live Pro Fight Trainer

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Live Pro Fight Trainer
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This suspension trainer has an extremely load bearing capacity and can be adjusted according to the changing goals of different body types.

It is also a common training equipment for teams in modern gyms and boutique studios. The equipment is easy to install and can be easily done where there are poles or doors.

This trainer exercises all of the body muscles while improving core strength, endurance, flexibility, and stability. It is very suitable for yoga, pilates, swimming, football, and basketball players.

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    Transform Your Workout: Discover the Power of the Live Pro Fight Trainer

    Embark on a journey to unparalleled fitness with the Live Pro Fight Trainer, an innovative piece of equipment designed to elevate your training regimen to professional heights. Tailored for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, this suspension trainer is a marvel in the world of fitness, promising to redefine your workout experience. 

    Let's delve into the essence of this exceptional tool and understand why it's an indispensable addition to your fitness arsenal, perfectly aligning with the "Olympiasouq essential accessories" for a comprehensive workout solution.

    Unmatched Versatility and Strength

    Technical Specifications:

    • Brand: Livepro
    • Color: Sleek Black + Vibrant Blue
    • Material Composition: High-grade polyester, iron, EVA, and nylon for durability and comfort
    • Weight: 3kg, ensuring easy portability without compromising on strength
    • Bearing Weight: Can support up to 200kg, accommodating a wide range of body types and fitness levels
    • Belt Size: Generous dimensions of 67×17.5cm, offering comfort and versatility
    • Latex Tube Length: 50cm, for a variety of exercises
    • Latex Tube Diameter: 14mm, designed for durability and resilience

    Features That Set It Apart

    • Premium Quality Materials: Crafted with durable nylon webbing and solid latex tubes, the Live Pro Fight Trainer is built to last. Its robust construction can withstand intense workouts, ensuring safety and reliability.
    • Alloy Carabiner for Enhanced Safety: The inclusion of a D-shaped alloy steel carabiner adds an extra layer of security to your workouts. Its heavy-duty design supports substantial weights, allowing you to push your limits with confidence.
    • Ergonomic Non-slip Handle: Ergonomically designed with a hexagonal texture, the handles provide a comfortable and secure grip, minimizing the risk of slippage and enhancing your training efficiency.
    • Comfortable Bearing Belt: With a widened and thick waistband, this trainer supports a wide range of exercises, from push-ups to balance training, ensuring safety and comfort throughout your workout.
    • Multifunctional Training Capability: Whether you're into traditional TRX, core strengthening, or HIIT, the Live Pro Fight Trainer offers versatility to meet various training needs, making it a multi-purpose tool for all your fitness goals.
    • Durability and Assurance: Featuring a durable leather logo and a comprehensive 1-year commercial warranty, this trainer is a long-term investment in your fitness journey.
    • Adaptability to Various Training Environments: Ideal for full-body workouts, functional training, strength conditioning, and HIIT, this trainer is your go-to equipment for achieving peak physical condition.

    Elevate Your Training Across Disciplines

    Designed for yoga, Pilates, swimming, football, basketball enthusiasts, and more, the Live Pro Fight Trainer is not just another piece of equipment; it's a gateway to enhancing core strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall muscle tone. Its easy installation and compatibility with poles or doors make it a versatile choice for both home and gym environments.

    A Tool for Every Athlete

    Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, the Live Pro Fight Trainer adapts to your evolving goals and body types. Its exceptional load-bearing capacity and adjustable design cater to individual needs, making it a universal tool for personal growth and physical development.

    ColorBlack + blue
    Bearing weight200kg
    Belt size67×17.5cm
    Latex tube length50cm
    Latex tube diameter14mm

    Product Features

    1.High quality material

    The suspension trainer is made with a high-quality nylon webbing with a width of 3.8cm. It has a super load bearing capacity, is strong, and durable. The entire product consists of a main webbing belt, two auxiliary belts, 4 freely stretchable solid latex tubes with a cloth cover, two waist belts, and two handles. These accessoires can offer a variety of sports training. The latex material has a strong tensile strength, good resistance, is strong, and is durable.

    2.Alloy carabiner

    The d-shaped alloy steel carabiner has a diameter of 6mm. It increases th4e stability while training, bears heavy weight, is safe, and is durable.

    3.Non-slip handle

    This suspension trainer has a hexagonal textured design that is comfortable to grip, non-slip, and more durable.

    4.Bearing belt

    It comes with a widened thick comfortable waistband (67×17.5cm). Athletes can do push-ups, suspension training, balance training with this trainer. The trainer can meet a variety of training needs, is load bearing, safe, and comfortable.

    5.Multifunctional training

    This trainer can be used for traditional TRX training and core strength training.

    6.Logo and warranty

    There is a leather logo attached to the webbing that will not wear out. There is a 1 year comprehensive commercial warranty for defects.

    7.Various scenes

    This essential tool for fitness is very suitable for full body, functional, strength, and HIIT training. It is a wise investment in the gym.

    Your Partner in Achieving Fitness Excellence

    The Live Pro Fight Trainer stands out as a beacon of innovation in the "Olympiasouq essential accessories" collection. It embodies the spirit of modern training methodologies, combining functionality, safety, and versatility in one compact package. As you integrate this trainer into your routine, you'll discover new dimensions of fitness, pushing the boundaries of what you thought possible.

    In your quest for a fitter, more robust version of yourself, let the Live Pro Fight Trainer be your companion. Its comprehensive design, tailored to meet the needs of a wide array of sports disciplines, ensures that your investment translates into tangible improvements in your physical health and performance.

    Embark on your fitness journey with the Live Pro Fight Trainer—where innovation meets performance, leading you to the pinnacle of your athletic potential. Enjoy free shipping on orders above 10 OMR. Contact us on WhatsApp: 92854696 for details.


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