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Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer

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Brand: Live Pro

Model: LS3222-55CM

Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer
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The LivePro Rotational Suspension Trainer allows your workout to be on a multi-planar level and can be used at almost any angle for both upper and lower body exercises.
It trains the entire body, requiring the user to engage their core to develop strength, balance and flexibility of your entire muscular system and joints.

The Suspension Trainer includes 2 handles, a suspension anchor and a mesh carry bag.

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    Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer

    OMR 26.36
    Save: 15%
    OMR 22.40

    Revolutionize Your Fitness Regime with the Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer

    In the world of fitness, innovation, and versatility are key to achieving comprehensive wellness and strength. The Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer emerges as a beacon of holistic physical conditioning, designed to cater to enthusiasts and professionals alike. This piece of equipment is not just an accessory; it's a cornerstone for those who seek to push their limits, enhance their flexibility, and fortify their core strength.

    The Essence of Versatile Training

    Imagine a fitness tool that not only adapts to your workout needs but also transforms any space into a personal training studio. The Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer is that game-changer. Engineered for full-body workouts, it enables users to explore a multitude of exercises across multiple planes. This means whether you're focusing on upper body strength, lower body resilience, or core stability, this trainer has you covered.

    Ergonomic Design Meets Unmatched Durability

    • Ergonomic & Textured Handles: Crafted for comfort and safety, the handles are designed to prevent slippage, ensuring your focus remains on your workout intensity and not on maintaining your grip.
    • Industrial-Grade Reinforcements: Durability is at the forefront of its design, with reinforcements at wear points ensuring your trainer withstands the rigors of intense daily workouts.
    • Barrel Lock Adjusters: Adjustability is a breeze, allowing for quick and comfortable modifications to suit your exercise requirements, enhancing both usability and comfort.

    Cutting-Edge Product Specifications

    Dive into the specifics that set the Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer apart from the rest:

    • High-Density Polypropylene Webbing: This material choice not only ensures strength and durability but also supports a significant load, making it suitable for users of all sizes.
    • Adjustable Webbing Length: With the flexibility to adjust from 180 to 270cm, it caters to various exercises and user heights, ensuring a customized workout experience.
    • Alloy Carabiner for Secure Attachment: Safety is paramount, and the alloy carabiner guarantees a secure, reliable connection, supporting up to 300kg of load.
    • Integrated Design for Versatility: The seamless integration of hand and foot handles with switchable movement amplifies the range of exercises you can perform, all while ensuring comfort and reducing the risk of injury.
    • Portability and Convenience: Being lightweight and easy to set up, it empowers users to maintain their workout regimen anytime, anywhere, breaking the constraints of a fixed workout location.

    Transform Your Workout Anywhere, Anytime

    The true beauty of the Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer lies in its ability to make fitness accessible and versatile. Whether you're at home, in the park, or on the go, this trainer ensures that your workout routine remains uninterrupted. It's the epitome of convenience, offering a mesh bag for easy transport and storage, meaning your fitness journey can continue, no matter where life takes you.

    A Staple for Every Fitness Enthusiast

    Whether you're just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete, the Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer is a versatile, effective, and reliable addition to your workout arsenal. It's not merely about the physical benefits; it's about investing in a tool that adapts to your evolving fitness goals, offering endless possibilities to challenge and improve your physical health.

    Explore Our Range of Fitness Accessories

    In addition to the Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer, we invite you to explore our extensive range of Fitness Accessories. Each product is designed with your fitness journey in mind, aiming to complement and enhance your workout experience. From resistance bands to yoga mats, our curated selection ensures you have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.

    Conclusion: A Gateway to Enhanced Physical Wellness

    The Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer stands out as a testament to what modern fitness equipment can offer - versatility, durability, and the freedom to exercise on your terms. It's more than just a piece of equipment; it's a partner in your journey towards achieving a healthier, stronger, and more balanced physique. With its comprehensive features, ergonomic design, and ease of use, it's time to elevate your fitness routine and unlock your full potential.

    Invest in your health, embrace versatility, and let the Live Pro Cross Suspension Trainer transform your approach to fitness. It's not just about the workouts you do today; it's about the foundation you're building for a lifetime of health and wellness. Enjoy free shipping on orders above 10 OMR. Contact us on WhatsApp: 92854696 for more queries!

    1.High quality polypropylene

    The suspension trainer is 3.8cm wide with a load bearing capacity of 200kg. It is made out of high density polypropylene webbing and is strong and durable.

    2.Arbitrary length adjustment

    The length of the webbing can be adjusted according to one’s needs from 180 to 270cm.

    3.Alloy carabiner

    The diameter of the alloy buckle is 9.5mm that is fixed and adjusted by a hexagonal screw. The load of the buckle can reach 300kg. Safe training is assured with a fast, safe, and firm installation.

    4.Integrated design

    The hand and food handles are integrated with freely switchable movement. There is a comfortable foam grip that does not hurt the hand and reduces injury during training.

    5.Anytime and anywhere

    The suspension trainer is lightweight and convenient. It is easy to install as long as you find a fixed location. You can exercise with it anytime and anywhere.

    6.Encryption on line

    The trainer has thick wires with multi-column embedded treading wire reinforcement. This reinforcement is firm and resistant to pulling.

    7.Logo and warranty

    There is a leather-made logo that will not wear out. There is a 1 year comprehensive commercial warranty for breakage.

    5.Various scenes

    This is a basic fitness equipment that is suitable for full-body, functional, strength, and HIIT training. It is a wise investment in the gym.

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