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Model: LS2251

Live Pro Parallettes
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Livepro double bar is made of sturdy steel pipe with a thickness of 1.5mm and a maximum load capacity of 150kg, which is very strong and durable.

A pair of practical rubber support feet, not only has a non-slip and stable role, but also can effectively protect the floor. With comfortable grip, athletes can grip tightly, which is not easy to take off, and increases the safety of sports.

The double bar supports a variety of sports, regulates muscle groups, improves endurance, and is suitable for training in various scenarios such as home/gym/outdoor.

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    Live Pro Parallettes: A Game-Changer in Fitness Training

    Introduction: Unleash Your Full Potential

    Step into a world where fitness goals are not just dreams but achievable realities with the Live Pro Parallettes. This piece of equipment is not just a tool; it's a pathway to unlocking a new level of strength, balance, and flexibility. Ideal for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone in between, the Live Pro Parallettes offer an unmatched combination of durability, functionality, and versatility. Let’s delve deep into what makes these parallettes a must-have in your fitness regime.

    Product Specifications: The Core of Live Pro Parallettes

    Key Features:

    • Material: Robust steel pipe, providing lasting durability.
    • Dimensions: Length - 60 cm, Width - 40 cm, Height - 75 cm.
    • Wall Thickness: A sturdy 1.5 mm, ensuring strength and stability.
    • Weight: 13 kg, signifying a solid and secure base.
    • Color: Sleek black with a hint of vibrant blue, adding style to substance.
    • Diameter: 38 mm, crafted for a comfortable and firm grip.
    • Load Capacity: A substantial 150 kg, accommodating a wide spectrum of users.

    Innovative Design and Features: Enhancing Your Workout Experience

    High-Quality Steel Pipe Construction:

    Built with a 38 mm diameter and 1.5 mm wall thickness steel pipe, these parallettes can support up to 150 kg, making them ideal for users of all sizes.

    Anti-Slip Feet Pad:

    The rubber anti-slip foot pads increase stability and ensure safety during training, also protecting your floor from potential damage.

    Comfortable Handgrip:

    Thickened foam polyethylene material on the handles provides a high-density, tear-resistant grip, increasing comfort during extensive workout sessions.

    Versatility in Training:

    Perfect for a range of exercises, including calisthenics, gymnastics, and HIIT workouts, these parallettes cater to a variety of fitness routines.

    Deep Dive into the Benefits: Why Live Pro Parallettes?

    1. Full-Body Workout Efficiency:

    Target multiple muscle groups, including core, arms, and legs, enabling a comprehensive workout that enhances overall body strength and conditioning.

    2. Enhanced Core Strength and Stability:

    Regular training with these parallettes significantly improves your core strength, balance, and stability, which are essential for athletic performance and everyday activities.

    3. Customizable Workout Intensity:

    Suitable for users of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced, these parallettes allow you to customize your workout intensity and complexity.

    4. Safe and Comfortable Use:

    Designed with user safety in mind, the anti-slip features and ergonomic grips ensure a secure and comfortable workout experience.

    5. Longevity and Durability:

    The high-quality steel construction guarantees that these parallettes can withstand the rigors of intense and frequent workouts.

    Workout Versatility: Exploring Exercise Options

    1. Push-Ups and Dips:

    Ideal for deep push-ups and tricep dips, enhancing upper body strength.

    2. L-Sits and Handstands:

    Practice L-sits for core strengthening and handstands for improving balance and shoulder strength.

    3. HIIT and Cardio Workouts:

    Incorporate into high-intensity interval training for a cardio boost and improved endurance.

    4. Flexibility and Mobility Exercises:

    Utilize for stretching and mobility exercises, essential for a well-rounded fitness routine.

    Conclusion: Transform Your Fitness Journey Today

    Take the Step with Live Pro Parallettes:

    Embrace the change in your fitness routine with the Live Pro Parallettes. With free shipping on orders over OMR 10 and 24/7 WhatsApp support at 92854696, you’re just one step away from elevating your workout experience

    Technical Parameters

    Colorblack + blue
    Wall thickness1.5mm

    1.High-quality steel pipe

    It is made of 38mm diameter and 1.5mm wall thickness steel pipe, its material is sturdy and can bear a maximum weight of 150kg. With blue spraying treatment on the surface, it is not easy to rust and is very durable.

    2.Anti-slip feet pad

    It is equipped with rubber anti-slip feet pad to increase the stability and ensure the safety of training, thereby also protecting the floor from scratches.

    3.Comfortable handgrip

    Thickened foam polyethylene material has high density and tearing handle, increasing hand grip, with comfortable grip.

    4.Logo and warranty

    Logo printed on the outside of the steel tube, will not wear out with a full 1 year commercial warranty against damage.

    5.Various scenes

    This basic fitness base is perfect for full body training, functional training, strength training and HIIT exercise and is a smart investment for the gym.


    Color Blue

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