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Live Pro Wood Gym Ring

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Brand: Live Pro

Model: LS3222-55CM

Live Pro Wood Gym Ring
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Wooden rings are designed for fitness training, which is more challenging than pull-ups. This ring is built from 32mm diameter birch wood and is mainly used in strength training.

The wood material is strong, durable, light weight, easy to carry and can be assembled quickly.

The wooden rings are smooth to the touch and have a strong grip, polyester webbing is stronger, and the iron buckle allows free adjustment of the sling length and a firm snap lock, making it a favored device for many sports.

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    Elevate Your Fitness Regimen with Live Pro Wood Gym Rings: The Ultimate Strength Training Companion

    Embarking on a fitness journey or elevating your current regimen demands equipment that not only challenges you but also offers unparalleled quality and versatility. Enter the realm of Live Pro Wood Gym Rings, a game-changer in the fitness equipment industry designed to transform your workout experience from mundane to extraordinary. This comprehensive guide delves deep into the essence of these gym rings, offering you a detailed exploration of their superior design, functionality, and the myriad benefits they bring to your fitness routine.

    A Deep Dive into Live Pro Wood Gym Rings

    • Crafted for Excellence: At the core of Live Pro Wood Gym Rings lies the dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Made from 32mm diameter birch wood, these rings present a harmonious blend of durability, strength, and a natural grip that far surpasses its steel or plastic counterparts. The choice of birch wood is no coincidence; known for its hardness and resilience, it ensures that each ring withstands the rigors of daily use while providing a comfortable, slip-resistant grip.
    • Design and Specifications: Meticulously designed to cater to the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, the Live Pro Wood Gym Rings feature a robust set of specifications that set them apart:
    • Material: The handles are constructed from high-quality birch wood, known for its superior strength and durability. The straps are made from nylon, offering resilience and flexibility.
    • Dimensions: The rings boast a 24.0 cm ring diameter and a 3.2 cm handle diameter, optimizing grip and control during workouts.
    • Weight and Load Capacity: Each set weighs 1.66kg, with a remarkable load capacity of 200kg, catering to a wide range of users.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in a sleek combination of black and natural wood color, adding a touch of elegance to your fitness setup.

    Revolutionary Fitness Tool for Every Athlete

    • Unmatched Versatility: Beyond their impressive build, Live Pro Wood Gym Rings introduces an element of versatility unmatched by traditional gym equipment. Whether you're into strength training, functional training, or HIIT workouts, these rings serve as a cornerstone for a comprehensive fitness regimen. They enable a plethora of exercises, from pull-ups and dips to muscle-ups and core exercises, ensuring a total body workout that challenges every muscle group.
    • Portability and Ease of Use: One of the standout features of the Live Pro Wood Gym Rings is their portability. Lightweight and easy to assemble, they can be quickly set up in any environment, be it at home, the gym, or outdoors. The adjustable straps and iron buckle make it simple to modify the sling length, ensuring a secure and customized workout experience.
    • Anchor Your Cardio Fitness: Integrating Live Pro Wood Gym Rings into your routine not only strengthens muscles but also enhances your cardio fitness. By incorporating dynamic movements and transitions between exercises, you engage your cardiovascular system, boosting heart health and endurance. This dual strength and cardio approach ensures a balanced workout, optimizing your fitness gains.

    Enhancing Your Workout Experience

    • Ergonomic Design for Superior Grip: The ergonomic design of the Live Pro Wood Gym Rings, with their polished and grinded handle, enhances the natural friction, offering a superior grip. This attention to detail ensures that the rings are comfortable to hold, reducing the risk of slippage and enhancing the safety of your workout.
    • Safety and Durability: Safety is paramount when it comes to fitness equipment. The Live Pro Wood Gym Rings are equipped with polyester webbing and an iron locking buckle, providing a secure and stable setup capable of supporting over 200kg. This robust design ensures peace of mind during your workout, allowing you to focus on your performance.
    • The Live Pro Commitment: Embossed with the Live Pro logo, each ring carries the mark of quality and durability. Accompanied by a full 6-month commercial warranty, these gym rings represent an investment in your fitness journey and the reliability and customer service Live Pro is known for.

    Conclusion: Transforming Fitness One Ring at a Time

    The Live Pro Wood Gym Rings stand at the intersection of innovation, quality, and versatility, offering a holistic approach to strength and cardio training. By integrating these gym rings into your fitness routine, you unlock the potential for a diverse range of exercises that challenge your body and elevate your performance. With their superior design, ergonomic grip, and robust construction, the Live Pro Wood Gym Rings are not just a piece of equipment; they are a companion on your journey to achieving and surpassing your fitness goals.

    Ready to take your workout to the next level? The Live Pro Wood Gym Rings await. Embrace the challenge, and witness the transformation in your strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Shop now and enjoy the journey towards a healthier, stronger you. With free shipping on orders above OMR 10 and 24/7 support on WhatsApp (92854696), your fitness evolution is just a click away.

    Colorblue + black + wood color
    Materialpolyester + birch
    One set weight1.66kg
    Load capacity200kg
    Ring diameter32mm
    Outer diameter of ring23.4cm


    1.Natural wood material

    Birch wood enhances the hardness of the rings, giving the trainer a completely different texture and grip than steel or plastic. The wood is precision processed so that each ring can maintain a firm grip, and the wood can carry up to 200kg, which is a great improvement in safety.

    2.Safe suspension

    Each ring is equipped with polyester webbing and iron locking buckle with 4.6m long and 38mm wide, which can be quickly and easily adjusted indoors and outdoors. The webbing has a load capacity of 200kg or more, and with the iron buckle fastening equipment, it is safely hung where you want it to be fixed.

    3.Anti-slip handle

    After handle is grinded and polished, its wood texture enhances the friction of the hand and is easier to grip. Wooden is sweat-absorbing and comfortable in the hand with better anti-slip effect.

    4.Logo and warranty

    Logo is permanently engraved on each ring and not easy to wear out with a full 6-month commercial warranty.

    5.Various scenes

    This basic fitness base is perfect for total body training, functional training, strength training and HIIT exercise and is a smart investment for the gym.


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