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888-37 Tricep Press Down Bar

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Model: LS3222-55CM

888-37 Tricep Press Down Bar
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Heavy duty push down bar for use with cable stack equipment
Isolates the triceps
Strength and endurance guarantee

Made from stainless steel
Finished in chrome plating
Heavy Duty Tricep Push Down Bar for use with cable machines

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    888-37 Tricep Press Down Bar

    OMR 7.25
    Save: 15%
    OMR 6.16

    Transform Your Arm Workouts with the 888-37 Tricep Press Down Bar


    Embark on redefining your upper body strength with the 888-37 Tricep Press Down Bar. This state-of-the-art gym equipment is not just a tool; it's a game-changer in your fitness regimen. Designed for those who seek both quality and efficiency in their workouts, this bar is set to be your go-to for tricep development.

    Understanding Tricep Workouts

    Why Focus on Triceps?

    The triceps, often overlooked in favor of the biceps, play a crucial role in overall arm strength and aesthetics. Understanding the anatomy of the tricep muscles and their importance in daily activities and sports performance is key to appreciating the value of targeted tricep exercises.

    The Mechanics of Tricep Exercises

    Tricep exercises are not just about lifting weights; they involve a complex interplay of muscles, joints, and levers. Learn how tricep exercises, especially push-downs, contribute to better posture, enhanced arm strength, and improved functional movements.

    The Rise of Cable Machine Exercises

    Cable Machines vs. Free Weights

    Explore the benefits of using cable machines, like enhanced stability and targeted muscle engagement, and how they compare to traditional free weights.

    Incorporating Cable Workouts in Your Routine

    Discover various exercises that can be performed using cable machines, including those that target the triceps, and how they contribute to a balanced and comprehensive workout plan.

    Spotlight on the 888-37 Tricep Press Down Bar

    Key Features and Specifications

    • Material: High-quality stainless steel
    • Finish: Durable chrome plating
    • Design: Ergonomically designed for maximum tricep engagement
    • Compatibility: Universal cable attachment for versatility in use
    • Durability: Heavy-duty construction for longevity

    Advantages of Using the 888-37 Bar

    Delve into the specific benefits of using the 888-37 Tricep Press Down Bar, from its ergonomic design that ensures effective tricep isolation to its universal cable attachment feature that makes it a versatile tool in any gym setting.

    Comprehensive Guide to Tricep Workouts with the 888-37 Bar

    Exercise Variations

    A detailed guide on various tricep exercises that can be performed with the 888-37 bar, including technique tips and variations for different fitness levels.

    Combining with Other Exercises

    Suggestions on how to incorporate tricep push-downs into a full-body workout routine, maximizing the benefits of your training sessions.

    The Importance of Quality Gym Equipment

    Investing in Durability and Safety

    Discuss the importance of choosing high-quality gym equipment for safety and effectiveness, highlighting the durable construction and thoughtful design of the 888-37 bar.

    Long-Term Benefits of the Right Equipment

    Explore how investing in the right gym equipment, like the 888-37 bar, contributes to long-term fitness goals, sustainability, and overall health and wellness.


    The 888-37 Tricep Press Down Bar is not just an addition to your gym; it's a commitment to enhancing your fitness journey with quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Embrace the change and experience the transformation in your upper body workouts.

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