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3HP Incline Treadmill

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3HP Incline Treadmill
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The FYTTER RUNNER RU-08R is a stable and reliable treadmill, reccomended for those experienced athletes wishing to improve their performance.

POWER:   Powerful 3 HP motor  (1.25 HP continuous power).
SPEED:   Speeds of up to 18 km/h.
INCLINE:  Motorised, Max 15%: 15 levels.  4 pre-set levels.

RUNNING SURFACE:  XL 130x48 cm surface with orthopaedic cushioning for better shock absorption.  1.8 mm thickness.

OMR 287.70
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    3HP Incline Treadmill

    OMR 287.70
    Save: 16%
    OMR 240.45

    Transform Your Workout with the FYTTER RUNNER RU-08R Treadmill

    Embark on a Journey of Unmatched Performance

    • Powerful Performance for the Dedicated Athlete: The FYTTER RUNNER RU-08R Treadmill is not just a piece of equipment; it's a commitment to your fitness journey. Designed for the dedicated, it's powered by a formidable 3 HP motor, ensuring that whether you're walking or sprinting, the treadmill keeps pace with your ambition.
    • Speed That Adapts to You: Variable speeds up to 18 km/h mean that whether you're warming up, cooling down, or pushing your limits, the FYTTER RUNNER is your steadfast companion. It's perfect for interval training, steady-state cardio, or anything in between.
    • Incline That Challenges and Inspires: With a motorized incline of up to 15% across 15 levels, this treadmill transforms every workout into a mountain to conquer. Whether you're looking to build strength, increase endurance, or burn calories more efficiently, the incline feature adds a new dimension to your training.

    Optimized for Comfort and Performance

    • Expansive Running Surface: The large 130x48 cm running surface provides ample space, ensuring safety and comfort. Whether you're a sprinter with a long stride or someone who enjoys leisurely walks, this treadmill accommodates every step.
    • Advanced Shock Absorption: The UVATECH shock absorption system, featuring 8 elastomeric rubber shock absorbers, not only enhances durability but also provides a layer of protection for your joints, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a more comfortable workout.

    Designed for the Modern Athlete

    • Interactive and Intuitive Console: The LCD isn't just a screen; it's your trainer. With 12 pre-set programs and 6 functions, it offers a variety of workouts to keep your routine fresh and challenging.
    • Heart Rate Monitoring for Optimized Training: By integrating sensors into the handlebars, the FYTTER RUNNER allows for real-time heart rate monitoring, enabling you to train at your optimum heart rate zone for more effective workouts.
    • Hassle-Free Maintenance: The treadmill’s automatic lubrication system takes the guesswork out of maintenance, letting you focus more on your fitness and less on upkeep.

    Entertainment and Enhanced Experience

    • Stay Connected and Entertained: With the FYTTER Entertainment system, your workout becomes an immersive experience. Connect your device via Bluetooth, and use the GFit App for a tailored workout session. The MP3 and SD card slots, USB ports, and speakers ensure you're never without your favorite tunes.
    • Safety and Convenience Combined: The magnetic safety system provides peace of mind, ensuring your workout is as safe as it is effective.

    Key Specifications

    • Motor: 3 HP (1.25 HP continuous)
    • Speed Range: 0-18 km/h
    • Incline Levels: Motorised, Max 15% (15 levels)
    • Running Surface: 130x48 cm
    • Shock Absorption: UVATECH system
    • Display: LCD with 12 pre-set programs, 6 functions
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Integrated sensors in handlebars
    • Maintenance: Automatic lubrication system
    • Additional Features: Bluetooth, MP3, SD card slot, USB, speakers, bottle holder
    • Safety: Magnetic safety system
    • Dimensions: [Provide dimensions]
    • Maximum User Weight: 130 - 140 Kg
    • Belt Size: 1300*480MM

    Experience the Difference with the FYTTER RUNNER RU-08R

    Tailored for Excellence

    The FYTTER RUNNER RU-08R is more than a treadmill; it's a gateway to achieving your fitness dreams. Designed with attention to detail, each feature caters to the needs of the modern athlete. The expansive running surface, advanced cushioning, and customizable workout options all work in harmony to provide a workout experience that is both effective and enjoyable.

    A Fusion of Technology and Fitness

    In today's fast-paced world, the integration of technology into fitness equipment is not just a luxury, it's a necessity. The FYTTER RUNNER RU-08R embraces this concept, offering a seamless blend of technology and physical training. The interactive console, heart rate monitoring, and entertainment options ensure that each workout is as enjoyable as it is challenging.

    Safety and Convenience: A Priority

    Understanding the importance of safety and convenience, the FYTTER RUNNER RU-08R comes equipped with features designed to make your workout worry-free. The magnetic safety system ensures immediate shutdown in emergencies, and the automatic lubrication system keeps maintenance to a minimum, letting you focus on what truly matters – your fitness.

    Why Choose the FYTTER RUNNER RU-08R?

    • For the Fitness Enthusiast: Whether you're starting your fitness journey or looking to elevate your workouts, this treadmill is your perfect partner.
    • For the Health-Conscious: With its joint-friendly features and heart rate monitoring, it caters to those who prioritize health and wellbeing.
    • For the Tech-Savvy: Embrace the digital age with a treadmill that's as connected as you are.
    • For the Busy Bee: If your schedule is packed, this treadmill ensures efficient, effective workouts that fit into your lifestyle.

    Ready to Take the Next Step?

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    Embark on a journey of transformation with the FYTTER RUNNER RU-08R Treadmill – where every step takes you closer to your fitness goals.


    Treadmills Machine
    Top Speed 18 Kph
    Max Incline Auto Incline
    Max user Weight 130 - 140 Kg
    Running Belt Length 130 Cm
    Running Belt Width 48 Cm
    Motor Power 3.00 CHP
    Belt Size 1300*480MM

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