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The treadmill : how to take advantage of all its benefits

Do you like running ? Do you use a treadmill to train ? Treadmills are an alternative to outdoor runs, which you can train at any time and place without having to be aware of weather conditions.

When you start running on the treadmill , you not only have to be clear about the comfort and the time you save practicing the exercise. You must also understand how it works to avoid setbacks and problems in achieving results. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of the treadmill , you have to have clear basic premises.

What you should take into account to use the treadmill

Knowing what you must take into account to use the treadmill , will make this exercise a safe activity, which will give you all its advantages, and allow you to reach your goals. In this way you can become an efficient athlete .

Look forward

When you run on the treadmill it is very common to look at your feet, especially if you are a beginner. Looking down or to the side will increase your chances of falling or losing your balance.

Another drawback of not looking ahead when you're running is dizziness. With this practice the athlete can come to believe that the ground is shaking and, when going down, you can feel that you are disoriented. That is why when running on the treadmill you should look straight ahead.

Don't trust the armrest

The armrest is recommended to use when you are starting and attaching to the treadmill . In this way the body gets used to it, but you have to take into account its use.

Being for long periods of time supporting your arms can cause your shoulders and elbows to tense . Also, it can influence balance and weight loss. And is that the muscles of the base do not perform the proper movement.

Increase the slope before speed

Maintaining a fast pace on a slope is very difficult. Therefore, if you want to increase your incline, you must slow down and go up the slope.

Once you are comfortable with the incline, you can adjust the speed. This way you will avoid slips and falls that could mean injuries .

Don't run barefoot

The treadmill causes heat and friction that prevent you from running without minimal protection. Running without running shoes will favor the appearance of burners, blisters ... In addition, the use of running shoes will absorb the impacts of your feet, to release tension from your joints.

Know your limitations

It is one of the aspects that you should not forget when training on the treadmill, and in any other sport. You have to be aware of your own limits and not go further to avoid falling into unnecessary injuries. It is also advisable to monitor your heart rate to prevent it from suffering alterations.

Don't leave the tape moving

A frequent mistake is leaving the treadmill moving and going down for a few minutes to do any other action. And it is that having the tape running can be dangerous both to get off it and to rejoin you.

Do you usually use the treadmill? Apply these tips when using the treadmill and guarantee a safe and effective practice.

The treadmill : how to take advantage of all its benefits
abc, Administrator August 28, 2023
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