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The benefits of pre-workout supplements and what should you pick

 Pre-workouts, what are they and should you use them?

We all have our days where we turn up at the gym unmotivated and feeling tired, resulting in a slow and unenthusiastic workout. If this is the case, it’s fine but if you show up tired everyday then you might want to consider a pre-workout supplement.

What is Pre-workout?

If you are going on a road trip, you need to full your car beforehand; think of your daily workout as the road trip and the pre-workout as the fuel. Now of course the term pre-workout could be anything from fruits and coffee to anything that gives you an energy boost, we are talking about supplements however. Pre-workout supplements come in a variety of forms, shakes, pills, etc. as long as it gives you the needed energy boost.

So what’s in a pre-workout Supplements?

Because it is designed to get you through an energetic workout, you guessed it, it will supplement your body with all sorts of energy boosters from caffeine, simple carbs, and other energy stimulants. Most of the time, caffeine is the main ingredient, just be sure not to overdo it because it can cause anxiety, insomnia, and high blood pressure. Top tip: if you are new to pre-workouts, use only half the dosages to avoid side effects completely until your body copes with it.

What ingredients should you look out for?

Branch:Branch Chain Amino acids maintain cellular energy and supports protein synthesis which improve endurance and increase strength.

Creatine: A very popular supplement due to its potential to increase muscle power and performance during training.

B-vitamins: all the vitamin Bs play a crucial role in energy production and efficiency, however, B12 supports blood production and B3 boosts DNA repair and promote healthier skin.

Nitrogen dioxide boosters: Arognine, Gitrulline, and generally any element ending in “ine” expands your veins and arteries, making it easier for blood to flow around your body and delivering nutrients quicker and more efficiently.

What ingredients should you avoid?

There is no real ingredient to avoid, you just have to avoid excessive caffeine intake. An average person should not consume more than 400mgs per day, some pre-workouts contain a little above this dosage in only one scoop. Yes, avoid that if you consume coffee or other caffeine during your day.

When to consume Pre-workout?

Thinking that the name says it all? You are not exactly wrong, but not quite right either. You can take pre-workout 15-20 minutes prior to your training session for the effect to kick in, but you can also take it one hour in a long workout to keep you going. It really depends on your workouts. Another major point to know is that your body will build tolerance to its effect by time, this is why it is suggested to take a break for 6 weeks or so from pre-workouts and start using it again afterwards.

To sum it all up, taking pre-workout will definitely improve your performance, increase your concentration and focus too. On the down side, overdoing it can cause negative side effects, your body can build tolerance to the effect if you don’t give it a break, and it could cause digestion problems due to some ingredients. Always remember that there is no ideal pre-workout, it’s a process of trial and error, however, you can send us any questions and we will happily recommend the best product for you. If you are in Oman, Olympia has all your sports needs!

The benefits of pre-workout supplements and what should you pick
abc, Administrator August 18, 2023
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