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Running on treadmill or outdoors : which is better ?

One of the great debates that many runners face is that of running on a treadmill or outdoors. What is better, running in the gym or on the street? To answer this complicated question, the pros and cons of each modality must be taken into account, and from there we can draw our own conclusions . And if we speak in the first person, it is because probably not everyone will draw the same conclusions, which will make it even more difficult to find the ideal answer to this important question.

What are the benefits of running outdoors?

Among the main advantages of going for a run outdoors we find the possibility of enjoying nature and the outdoors , which is beneficial in a double sense. On the one hand, a higher intake of oxygen is achieved , it will cost us less to breathe and we will gain resistance . On the other hand, when training outdoors, the landscape is changeable and that feeling of monotony that we often have in the gym, which can lead to boredom and demotivation, does not usually appear outdoors. So the motivation it gives you is excellent.

Another advantage of running outdoors is that it allows us to burn more calories, but not so many that it is a determining factor in solving the running vs. treadmill debate . street . The fact of being subject to adverse weather conditions such as cold, heat or wind makes exercise more intense, hence running on the street allows us to burn over 5% more calories than running on the treadmill , according to various studies point. Of course, sometimes time is more a handicap than a help.

The advantages of running on a treadmill?

On the other hand, if we run on a treadmill we save those inclement weather . You may burn fewer calories, but the fact of saving ourselves getting home dripping on rainy days or avoiding the windstorms that bother us so much when running are a plus to run on the gym treadmill. There are not a few who practice running who become unmotivated if the weather is not good, an excuse for not releasing that is not worth it if we have a good treadmill, where we also do not save you the interruptions in the zebra crossings and traffic lights or having than dodge pedestrians .

Running on a treadmill is also less damaging to the joints , becoming another point in favor of the treadmill. It helps us to recover or prevent injuries, and surely we do not find any bump or hole in which to put the foot without realizing it and end up doing a sprained ankle. This can be a key factor for people with certain risks to their joints to enjoy running. It is also possible to run on a treadmill to lose weight and keep fit.

Hydration and treadmill or outdoor precautions

Before reaching the conclusions, it is worth highlighting the differences in hydration and what kind of precautions we will take in both cases. For example, running outdoors we will have to pay more attention to issues such as hydration - heat or humidity accelerate dehydration - and it is important to be well protected from the sun - glasses, hat, sunscreen -, the wind or the cold - gloves, hat, neck briefs, etc.-, accessories that can be annoying and that we will save on the treadmill .

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of running on treadmill or on the street, all you have to do is decide which type of running you prefer. Both are equally interesting, and can be perfectly combined . If you want to burn calories, the ideal is to run on the street; but in places where the weather does not accompany the tape, it is presented as a very valid alternative that will save us from inclement weather. Everyone will know if they prefer to run outdoors or on treadmill.

Running on treadmill or outdoors : which is better ?
abc, Administrator August 16, 2023
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