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HIIT by exercise bike | High intensity bike training

If you are bored of pedaling on your home or gym bike at a monotonous pace, we suggest an alternative: high-intensity interval training by bike . Ready to hit HIIT ?

For stationary bike , for when you practice spinning or even if you dare with the mountain or road bike . Here we propose some exercises to burn fat quickly with pedaling.

HIIT on exercise bike

At home or in the gym, you can start your HIIT training routine , in this case on a bike.

Do not forget to warm up for about five minutes at a moderate intensity , and then you can already bring your body to its Maximum Heart Rate with a hit of HIIT . You can apply the tabata method , which consists of 20 seconds butt, followed by ten active rest and so eight times for four minutes. And you can repeat this interval exercise at high intensity three or four times, but afterward, remember to slow down for about five minutes to lower your heart rate .

It is a very effective training in which the benefits of HIIT will soon be visible , which will improve if you follow a diet to lose weight .

HIIT in spinning

If you joined the spinning trend a long time ago to tone your body and lose weight , now you can include HIIT so that music is not the only thing that gives rhythm to your training. Spinning and HIIT are the perfect combination to get in shape , although it is possibly too hard an exercise if you are not used to playing sports.

Spinning already combines blocks of high and low intensity exercises during sessions that usually last between 40 and 60 minutes, but to get the most out of your pedaling effort, a good option is to repeat four to six times intervals of 40-60 seconds. at high intensity followed by 75-90 of moderate intensity .

HIIT on mountain or road bike

If you are one of those who can not stand being locked up at home or in the gym playing sports and you need to get fit, but outdoors, do not worry, you can also adapt the HIIT to your mountain or road bike . You just have to do the characteristic of high intensity interval training : combine series with fast and slow rhythms with which your pulsations vary, that is, pedal between 30 and 60 seconds at full speed and more calmly about 90 seconds

HIIT by exercise bike | High intensity bike training
abc, Administrator June 14, 2023
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