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Exercise bikes

The stationary bikes t rabajan the lower part of your body and give you a great cardiovascular workout. When you are buying a stationary bike, determine what kind of bike you want, what kind of resistance you want it to have and what kind of response you want to get from it.


In specialized sports stores, you can find three types of stationary bicycles as indicated:

  • Upright Stationary Bikes: On traditional upright exercise bikes you sit in a traditional bike seat while pedaling.

  • Dual Action Bikes: Dual action upright bikes with movable arms help you exercise more intensely by working your upper and lower body areas.

  • Recumbent exercise bikes : On recumbent bikes you sit reclining in an easy chair seat while pedaling. These bikes are great for people with back problems.

Most of the bikes accommodate a large number of different bodies and have different characteristics compared to spinning bikes . For example, most bring an adjustable seat for people of different heights. However, some bicycle exercises have a weight limit.


Almost always when starting in the gym , we can see that an exercise bike becomes an integral part of the infrastructure. However, we must keep in mind what are the advantages and disadvantages that this fitness tool brings with it.

In the case of the stationary bicycle, as for any physical activity, the kilograms rule is necessary, that is, the energetic wear will be subject to the percentage of time you pedal and the time it lasts. Therefore, we indicate what advantages sports practice brings over an exercise bike and what are the disadvantages that it presents.

Benefits of training with the stationary bike

  • Graduation of the intensity of the effort, practically from scratch.

  • Thanks to the absence of impact with the surface, the potential microtraumas do not reduce.

  • Rain, snow or a storm, torrid heat or sand storm, with the exercise bike you are sheltered

Contraindications to training with the stationary bike

  • The muscular action is not very effective and is only concentrated in some points.

  • The action of the quadriceps is only concentric

  • In the case of beginners; the twin only develops in static contraction

  • Regarding career; the energy effort per kilometer is much lower

  • Possible injuries to the coccyx, in case the seat is not adapted.

  • Basically a certain monotony originates in the action.


Pedaling on a stationary bike without any resistance would not make much sense. You would pedal against nothing, just spinning the wheels literally. Stationary bikes create resistance, graduating the difficulty of your pedaling , using one of the following methods:

  • Direct Tension: Direct tension lets you manually adjust resistance by turning handles or adjusting a lever.

  • Freewheel: A heavy wheel regulates resistance and ensures that the bike runs smoothly. You will need to pedal to create the kinetic energy necessary to counteract the resistance of the wheel.

  • Air: Pedal against a draft of a fan installed inside the wheel. The more you pedal hard, the more resistance is created. As an added benefit, the fan air will help you cool down.

  • Magnetic: Popular in gyms, the magnetic resistance offers friction-free pedaling, while allowing you to effortlessly increase difficulty.

Most bikes tell you the speed you are riding, the pedaled mileage, and the time you have been on the bike. The most expensive bikes can measure your heart rate , determine how many calories you've expended, or offer pre-programmed exercises that emulate geographic settings like hills or parks.

Exercise bikes
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