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11 tricks to not leave the gym after the first month

Starting and not leaving the gym is difficult for many people. In addition, it requires discipline and love what you do. Maybe it has ever happened to you, you sign up to start the gym, buy new clothes, improve your diet and even plan your daily routines. You follow a diet and do sports, but after the first 15 days you are tired and leave the gym.

The motivation of the first days has been exhausted and for some reason you begin to feel that the routine you had planned for the week is no longer so transcendental. If you feel identified, take note of these 11 intelligent ways that will help you not to leave the gym, and make daily sports an important part of your life.

Tricks to not leave the gym after the first month

Get motivated with these 11 tricks that will help you not to leave the gym , and to make sport an essential part of your life.

1. What do you want to get?

It is important to set goals. So ask your instructor to help you achieve goals through a training program suitable for you, taking into account your age, physical complexion and the end. It is also necessary that you organize an agenda with the exercises to be performed , the frequency, the weight at the beginning and in how long you will check the weight . All this will serve as a tool to assess your progress and help you evaluate the changes that occur in your body.

2. Have fun

Remember that everything you do is for your benefit; Not because you put more weight on the gym machines you will achieve goals faster. Similarly, learn to recognize when pain is a symptom of injury and thus avoid hurting yourself. Exercise steadily and gently so that it doesn't seem like an ordeal.

3. Wear comfortable clothes

Some researchers claim that red sportswear contributes to success in sports . Phosphorescent colors are also in fashion, so they can also be a good option. Beyond these additional aspects it is essential that you avoid exercising with very tight clothes, as they prevent natural perspiration. Waterproof garments or girdles are not good allies, so you better leave them at home.

4. Go to the gym closer to your home

Go to the gym closest to your home because the closer, the less excuses you will have for not going. Try to go whenever you can walking because it will help you warm up your muscles and do cardiovascular exercise at the same time.

5. Create a positive environment

The music can help motivate you , so pick your favorite music. A positive atmosphere in the gym is half won battle.

6. Buy yourself a three month subscription

Once your money is compromised, you will feel obligated not to lose what you have invested. See the outlay as an expense that with your effort will become an investment and yield positive results.

7. Prepare a work plan

Define your routine, how many times a day are you going to train, when and what are you going to do. This will prevent you from being lost when you arrive at the gym and feel the need to go every day. Within your plan include a warm-up session of about 10 to 15 minutes, followed by your routine of strengthening exercises for your muscles and closes with moderate intensity cardiovascular exercises. Following the proper order of your exercises will keep you away from injuries, optimize time and you will see the desired results.

8. Do not follow third party advice

The advice of people who have learned the technique for themselves may not be appropriate for you. The tips can help, but there is nothing that exceeds the recommendations of a personal trainer.

9. Maintain adequate hydration

It is important to be aware of your hydration before, during and after physical activity . If the exercise routine exceeds one hour or if its intensity is vigorous, you should replenish body fluids with moisturizing drinks. If the exercise session lasts less than one hour and is of moderate intensity, the usual water consumption you make will probably be sufficient and you will not need an extra contribution.

10. Know your limits

Learn to recognize the symptoms that indicate the need to stop the workout. If you feel chest pain, fatigue or extreme tiredness, stop the exercise immediately , rest for a while.

11. Give yourself a whim

Give yourself something, even if it's small, for your perseverance and that drives you to continue with your routine to improve your physical and health appearance.

Do not leave the gym : conclusions

Sports discipline is very important in our lives. Sport favors our physical and emotional health. That is why it is very important to do some exercise and not leave the gym when you feel tired or discouraged. Think, what do I have to do better than practice at least half an hour of sport a day?

11 tricks to not leave the gym after the first month
abc, Administrator July 17, 2023
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