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Brand: Live Pro

Model: LS3222-55CM

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The premium polyurethane Olympia weight plate was produced according to the latest manufacturing standards.

The high quality pure polyurethane has an elasticity which is very insensitive and resistant to abrasion, chipping and any kind of external influences such as scratches or impacts.

The material of the pure polyurethane is liquid when heated and can be produced in every imaginable colour according to customer specifications. Polyurethane, also called CPU, is absolutely odourless and more durable than a dumbbell with a rubber coating.

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    The LP8020 LIVE PRO Urethane Training Plates with Grips: A Game-Changer in Your Fitness Journey

    Welcome to a new era in weightlifting and fitness training with the LP8020 LIVE PRO Urethane Training Plates with Grips. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, these plates are designed to elevate your workout experience to unprecedented levels. This comprehensive guide explores every facet of these remarkable plates, demonstrating why they are a must-have in any fitness enthusiast's arsenal.

    Unrivaled Material Excellence: The Urethane Edge

    The Polyurethane Promise

    In the world of fitness equipment, the material of your weights plays a crucial role. The LP8020 stands out with its high-quality polyurethane construction, setting new standards in durability and performance. This premium material is exceptionally resistant to abrasion, chipping, and external impacts, making these plates virtually indestructible.

    Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odors

    One common complaint with traditional rubber-coated weights is the odor they develop over time. The LP8020 plates, made from odorless polyurethane, keep your gym space fresh and inviting, enhancing your overall workout experience.

    Ergonomic Design: Grip and Lift with Ease

    Innovative 3-Handle Design

    The unique 3-handle design of the LP8020 plates is a game-changer, offering unparalleled ease in handling. This feature not only saves you time during workouts but also ensures safety, reducing the risk of accidents during weight handling.

    A Grip That Feels Right

    The ergonomically designed handles allow for a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring that your focus remains on your lift, not on how you're holding the plate.

    Precision and Accuracy: The Weight You See is The Weight You Lift

    Unmatched Weight Accuracy

    In weightlifting, precision is key. The LP8020 plates boast an impressive weight deviation tolerance of +/- 1%, ensuring that you lift the exact weight you intend to, every single time. This level of precision is crucial for balanced training and injury prevention.

    Customization: Personalize Your Workout Space

    Color Your Workout

    The ability to customize the color of your LP8020 plates allows you to personalize your workout space. This feature adds an element of visual appeal to your gym, making your workout environment more engaging and motivating.

    Aesthetics Meets Functionality

    Beyond aesthetics, the silk matte finish of the plates not only looks sleek but also adds an extra layer of durability, ensuring that these plates withstand the test of time.

    The Comprehensive LP8020 Range: For Every Fitness Level

    A Weight for Every Goal

    The LP8020 range caters to all fitness levels, offering a variety of sizes from 1.25kg to 25kg. This diversity allows you to tailor your workout routine to your specific goals, whether it's building endurance with lighter weights or increasing strength with heavier plates.

    Adaptable to Your Growing Needs

    As your fitness journey progresses, so will your strength and capabilities. The LP8020 range is designed to grow with you, offering the flexibility to adapt to your evolving workout needs.

    Durability: A Long-Term Fitness Partner

    Built to Last

    The LP8020 plates are not just another piece of equipment; they are a long-term investment in your fitness journey. The high-grade polyurethane ensures these plates endure years of rigorous use, providing excellent value for both home and commercial gym owners.

    Key Specifications: At a Glance

    • Product Name: LP8020 LIVE PRO Urethane Training Plates with Grips
    • Material: Steel with high-quality polyurethane coating
    • Available Colors: Wide range of customizable options
    • Weight Options: 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg

    Core Features:

    • Unique 3-handle design for effortless handling
    • 50.5mm stainless steel ring for a perfect fit
    • Silk matte surface finish for durability and style
    • Strict weight deviation tolerance of +/- 1% for precision

    Why Choose the LP8020?

    Transform Your Workout Experience

    The LP8020 LIVE PRO Urethane Training Plates with Grips are more than just weights; they are a transformative tool for your fitness routine. With their superior design, material quality, and ergonomic features, these plates guarantee an efficient, safe, and enjoyable workout.

    Elevate Your Gym's Standards

    For gym owners, equipping your space with the LP8020 plates means offering your clients the best in fitness equipment. Their durability, precision, and customizable features make them an ideal choice for commercial settings, setting your gym apart from the competition.

    Shop Now and Upgrade Your Fitness Game

    Take advantage of free shipping on orders above OMR 10 and enjoy 24/7 support on WhatsApp at 92854696. When you choose the LP8020, you're choosing a product that not only enhances your physical training but also elevates your overall workout experience.

    Step into a new realm of fitness with the LP8020 LIVE PRO Urethane Training Plates with Grips. Whether you're pushing for that extra rep or striving for a new personal best, these plates are your steadfast companions on every step of your fitness journey. Upgrade now and feel the difference in every lift!


    Weight 2.5kg or 5kg

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