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RR500 recumbent bike is with Max. 350lbs loading capacity ,large-sized cranks and commercial grade self-balanced pedals.

After service and maintenance is convenient without taking off the rear shroud.

energy-saving self generation system with max.350W power would save cost for clubs & personal users

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    OMR 1089.90
    Save: 15%
    OMR 926.41

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    Experience Next-Level Fitness with the IMPULSE Recumbent Bike RR500

    Journey into the Future of Recumbent Biking

    Gone are the days when fitness equipment was simply about functionality. In today’s dynamic world, fitness aficionados seek the perfect blend of innovation, efficiency, and elegance. The IMPULSE Recumbent Bike RR500 is just that - a holistic approach to fitness that cares about your health as much as the planet's.

    1. Comfort Meets Advanced Technology

    The RR500 stands as a testament to design excellence. The recumbent position guarantees a comfortable workout experience, reducing the strain on your back and joints, making it perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes.

    2. Not Just a Bike - It’s Your Personal Fitness Trainer

    With 11 dynamic workouts, the RR500 ensures each day is different from the last. Whether you aim for weight loss, muscle tone, or cardiovascular endurance, this bike has got you covered.

    3. Efficiency Rooted in Sustainability

    A standout feature of the RR500 is its energy-saving self-generation system. This not only spells lower electricity bills for you but also a happier, healthier planet.

    4. Key Features that Set the RR500 Apart:

    • Display Dynamics: The 7-window + dot matrix console provides real-time feedback ensuring you're always informed about your progress.
    • Customized Workouts: With 11 different programs, your workouts will never feel monotonous.
    • Heart in Check: Ergonomically designed seat-side handles ensure you're always in your target heart rate zone.

    5. Maintenance, Made Effortless

    Your fitness journey should be about pushing your limits, not about the limits of your equipment. With its easy after-service and maintenance, the RR500 promises longevity.

    6. The Tech-Edge:

    • Resistance Powerhouse: With 20 levels of resistance powered by a 350W brake, you’re guaranteed a challenge, irrespective of your fitness level.
    • Mobility at Its Best: Planning to shift your workout spot? The integrated transport wheels make it hassle-free.

    7. Dive Deeper into the Specifications:

    • Overall Dimensions: 1650×650×1370mm
    • Weight Limit: 350Lbs or 160Kg
    • Frame: Rust-resistant, owing to its 2-step powder coating
    • Pedals: Commercial-grade self-balancing pedals
    • Handlebars: Ergonomically crafted with heart rate sensors

    8. Why the RR500 Over Others?

    In a market flooded with fitness equipment, the RR500 shines bright. Its advanced features, energy-saving benefits, and ergonomic design make it a top choice for fitness enthusiasts globally.

    9. Making the Right Investment for Your Health

    Every penny spent on the RR500 is an investment. An investment in advanced technology, unparalleled comfort, and most importantly, in yourself.

    10. Exclusive Offer Just For You

    Remember, with every RR500 purchase, relish free shipping on orders above OMR 10. Got queries? Our dedicated team is always ready to assist on WhatsApp at 92854696.

    IMPULSE Recumbent Bike RR500 - Product Details:

    Item Number: RR500

    Console Display:

    • 7 Window + Dot Matrix Console

    Key Features:

    • Program Instant Key: Yes
    • Numeric Keypad: Not available
    • Workouts: 11 pre-set programs
    • Display Feedback: 7 different readouts
    • Entertainment: Not specified
    • Unit Measures: Supports both Metric and English

    Heart Rate Monitoring:

    • Contact: Standard
    • Telemetry: Standard

    Design & Comfort:

    • Handlebars: Ergonomically designed seat-side handles. Enhanced with contact heart rate grips for on-the-fingertip control.
    • Frame Construction: Durably built with a 2-step powder-coating process and an additional rust-resistant undercoat.
    • Pedals: Single-sided weighted pedals that are self-balancing, perfect for all user levels.
    • Integrated Mobility: Comes with built-in transport wheels for easy movement and storage.
    • Refreshment Holder: Cup Holder available for user convenience.

    Performance & Resistance:

    • Resistance Levels: Offers 20 diverse resistance levels to challenge every user.
    • Brake System: Self-powered hybrid brake system.
    • Resistance Power: Up to 350W, ensuring an efficient workout.
    • Crank: Standard configuration for reliability.

    Physical Dimensions & Weight:

    • Overall Size: 1650×650×1370mm (or roughly 65"×26"×54")
    • Product Weight: 139Lbs or roughly 63.2Kg
    • User Weight Limit: Can support up to 350Lbs or 160Kg, making it suitable for most individuals.

    Additional Notes:

    • The product does not support step-through anti-skid functionality.

    Concluding Thoughts

    Embarking on a fitness journey is commendable, but walking this path with the right companion, like the RR500, can make it transformative. Opt for the best. Opt for IMPULSE Recumbent Bike RR500. Your body will thank you. Your future self will applaud you. Happy cycling!

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