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Brand: Impulse

Model: LS2251

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The Impulse RE500 boasts a 21" stride length with optimized positions fine-tuned for natural, smooth movement.

The low 7" step on height makes the RE500 very accessible an the oversized pedals, which also have a narrow spacing to allow a comfortable workout

(and with minimal lateral hip shifting reducing lower back stress) make this elliptical trainer comfortable and safe, as well as effective.

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    OMR 1457.82
    Save: 15%
    OMR 1239.15

    The Impulse Commercial Elliptical RE500: A Comprehensive Guide to Revolutionize Your Workout

    1. Introduction

    Enter the future of fitness with the Impulse Commercial Elliptical RE500. Designed to transform every workout into a holistic experience, this elliptical combines advanced technology with user-centric features, creating a truly state-of-the-art fitness machine.

    2. The Science Behind Ellipticals

    Ellipticals offer a myriad of health benefits, from cardiovascular fitness to muscle toning. Simulating a mixture of cycling and walking without the associated impact, they provide an effective workout for both beginners and seasoned athletes

    3. Key Features of the Impulse RE500

    Natural Movement: The 21" stride length replicates the natural gait of walking and running. This ensures minimized stress on joints while maximizing calorie burn.

    Accessibility: The 7" step-on height ensures an effortless start to your workout. This design promotes accessibility for a wider range of individuals.

    Pedal Design: The large, single-sided weighted pedals are engineered for maximum comfort, ensuring a stable and efficient workout.

    Intuitive Console: With a 7 Window + Dot Matrix display, users get real-time insights into their workout metrics, from speed to calorie burn.

    Program Diversity: With 11 varied workout programs, the RE500 ensures that your fitness routine never feels monotonous.

    4. Product Specifications

    • Item No: RR500
    • Console Window: 7 Window + Dot Matrix
    • Workouts: 11
    • Display Readouts: 7
    • Handlebars: Ergonomically designed with contact heart rate grips
    • Frame: 2 step powder-coating with rust-resistant undercoat
    • Resistance Levels: 20
    • Brake: Self-powered hybrid with a maximum of 350W
    • Dimensions: 1650×650×1370mm or 65"×26"×54"
    • Max User Weight: 160Kg or 350Lbs

    5. The Advantages of Choosing the Impulse RE500

    • Cost-Effective: The self-generation system is energy-saving, making it economical in the long run.
    • Safety: Reduced lateral hip shifting ensures a workout that is both effective and safe for the back.
    • Versatility: Suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners to pros.

    6. How to Maximize Your Workout with the RE500

    • Interval Training: With 20 resistance levels, users can shift between high and low intensities, making workouts more dynamic.
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: Utilize the heart rate grips to stay within your target zone, optimizing fat burn and improving cardiovascular health.

    7. The Impulse Legacy: Beyond the RE500

    Impulse, a globally recognized brand, has been at the forefront of fitness technology for years. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has made them a trusted choice among fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

    8. FAQs

    • Is assembly required?

    Yes, but the user manual provides a detailed guide to ensure a hassle-free setup.

    • Is the RE500 suitable for rehabilitation?

    Yes, the elliptical’s low impact nature makes it ideal for rehabilitation exercises.

    9. Conclusion

    The Impulse Commercial Elliptical RE500 is more than just a fitness machine. It's a step towards a healthier lifestyle, a commitment to your wellbeing, and a testament to top-tier craftsmanship and design.

    Embrace the future of fitness. Embrace the Impulse RE500.

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